10 hidden secrets many haven't found in Slime Rancher 2 yet (2023)

slime breeder 2It takes all of the mechanics and art style of the first and improves on it in almost every way. With new tools and more land to explore, play as Beatrix Lebeau and create a slime farm that will make even the most experienced rancher jealous. The firstslime growerIntroduced statues and secret doors to unlock late game content, andslime breeder 2He took this concept and became crazy about it.

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These secret doors and statues are just part of the hidden mysteries you will find in this game.hold a jet packIt makes it easier, or in some cases possible, to get hold of some of these secrets, so it is recommended that you select one before searching for these hidden secrets.

10 Some rocks can hide ringtail slimes inside

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It's easy to get frustrated when looking for curly tail slime because they like to hide. So keep an eye out for the small slime-like stone statues on Ember Island. They are usually ringtail slimes that have been hit by sunlight, turning them straight to stone.

To find Curly Tail Slime that hasn't turned to stone, look behind the falls where Crystal Slime and Bat Slime like to hang out. One waterfall in particular is in the northern part of the continent across from a hole in the ground and is a great place to start looking for thawed Ringtail Slimes.

9 A cave full of useful resources

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Fat slimes are giant slimesThey usually hide some secrets. Unfortunately, these slimes live in hard-to-find areas, so keep an eye out for giant slimes. After finding one, he must be fed his favorite food to reveal what he is hiding. To find this cave with valuable resources, look for the slime hunter Gordo, who lives in a small beach area at the south end of the purple part in Starlight Strand.

To get to the beach make sure you come from the north as a cliff blocks the way from the other directions. Slime Hunter Fat's favorite food is rooster. After you get enough Roostero, the slime will explode, revealing a small cave full of useful resources and a collection pod.

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A hidden teleporter takes you quickly to the Ember Valley. To unlock this teleporter you need to find the pink slime Gordo that lives in the northwestern part of Rainbow Fields. Players need to get past some tabby slime before reaching the pink Gordo slime to know if they are on the right track.

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Luckily, the pink gordo slime doesn't have a favorite food like the other gordo slimes. It eats absolutely everything. Feed this Gordo Rosa slime anything and it will harmlessly explode into smaller slimes to reveal a waterspout. Use this waterspout to level up, then follow a path to the teleporter, activate it, and transport yourself to Ember Island.

7 Look out for waterfalls and gargoyles for breathtaking views

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waterfalls insideslime breeder 2They tend to have slimes and sometimes valuable resources behind them. A certain cave at the southern end of Ember Valley has some blue diamonds behind it and a waterspout. Take this waterspout to a hidden pond to find some of thesethe best view of the game, and this game has some pretty good prospects.

The landscape is impressive, and the amount of resources is impressive too. There's some puddle slime, ringtail slime, primordial oil, and even a research pod in here.

6 Property gate at Rainbow Fields

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Hay 9 lot doorsthrough the mapslime breeder 2, but only one is in Rainbow Fields. It is located in the southern part of Rainbow Fields in a crevice formed by two cliffs behind the pier. Before you start looking for the door, you should get a Tabby Plan to give to the Tabby statue in front of this door.

Players must get past Gordo's match slime to get to the gate. Her favorite food is cuberberry, which must be relatively plentiful in the area, but it's a good idea to have some on hand just in case. After giving the cucumbers to Gordos Phosphorus Slime, give the tabby plort to the statue outside the door to open the plort door and get a treasure pod.

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A jetpack is vitalto find secret areas in this game, and this island in Starlight Strand is no different. On the pink grass section of Starlight Strand, in the sandy section, players will find a teleporter. Behind the portal is a beach area where you can see an island in the distance.

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Easily accessible with a jetpack even if you haven't upgraded yet, this island is packed with resources includinga bunch of fisherman's slime, Phosphorus Goo and a Research Capsule.

4 The underground passage to the Powderfall Bluffs region

10 hidden secrets many haven't found in Slime Rancher 2 yet (7)

The Powderfall Bluffs region is the newest inslime grower 2,and like any other region, the way to get there is not obvious. Start first in Ember Valley and climb the mountains north of Orange Valley on a jetpack. After reaching the top of the mountains, navigate to the Canyon area in Ruin Valley.

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In this valley, look for a waterfall with a cave behind it. There are three slime statues in this cave. Shoot each statue with a slime plot. Next, an underground passage opens. Follow this path to find the teleporter to Powderfall Bluffs.

3 Night bridges and ramps from Powderfall Bluffs

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Since Powderfall Bluffs is the newest region in the game, there are still many secrets to be discovered. But one of those secrets found is the night bridges and ramps. If you go for a walk during the day, look out for a rainbow. These areas turn into bridges and ramps that look like Northern Lights at night.


Plants and trees grow along these bridges and ramps that only appear at night, making Powderfall Bluffs a magical sight to enjoy at night. As a result, Powderfall is Bluffsperfect for cozy gaming sessions.

2 Easier access to the Southern Starlight Strand area

10 hidden secrets many haven't found in Slime Rancher 2 yet (9)

On a cliff in the southeastern region of Starlight Strand is a cave that contains the Gordo Fisher Slime. Drop down this hole and feed the slime his favorite food, sea hens. Conveniently, there should be something around the fat fisherman's slime in the cave.

After the slime feeds and explodes, a waterspout will reveal itself, making access to the beach much easier. Also, a research pod in this cave contains a very useful blueprint and some Radiant Ore, if the Waterspout alone wasn't intriguing enough.

1 An X made of trees marks the spot

10 hidden secrets many haven't found in Slime Rancher 2 yet (10)

Looking at the Starlight Strand map, there is a group of two differently colored trees that almost look like an X. This is no coincidence as anyone who has seen or read ittreasure islandIn its various forms, the X marks the location of the treasure.

At the intersection of these trees is a hidden research pod, and in a small hole below it is a ton of resources that even Blackbeard would be thrilled with if he were interested.slime grower.

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slime breeder 2It is currently available on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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