David Crosby: 20 essential songs from the folk-rock legend (2023)

"I have tomaking the most of every minute I have"david crosby said the rolling stonein 2018. "Wouldn't you?" He was in his third or fourth life at this point: the loud-voiced, long-haired, argumentative, blissful American original with whom he invented folk-rock.die byrdsMid-'60s, to redefine supergroup a few years later with Crosby, Stills and Nash, and remain unquestionably himself through all the ensuing decades of glorious harmonies and outrageous opinions. In his last few years on this planet, Croz seemed to be reborn, making some of his best records and sounding humble in interviews like this one in 2018.His death at the age of 81.leaves an irreplaceable place in music. Here are their best songs (check out our Spotify playlisthere).

"Gira, gira, gira" (1965)

Crosby didn't write or provide lead vocals for the chart-topping version of Pete Seeger's Bible-based folk classic The Byrds, but he did arrange the unforgettable vocal harmonies as he has throughout his tenure with the band. band. It's impossible to imagine this song without Crosby's high parts floating above McGuinn's lead vocals in the chorus, a sound that would inspire countless overtone-rich folk and rock acts for decades to come.— BH

"Renaissance Table" (1967)

Of all the original Byrds, Crosby has always been the most modern and hippie, from his layers to his ever-longer tresses. His open moods, ethereal melodies, and elliptical lyrics of his also captured that vibe, as heard on this ode to a land of "cinnamon and spice" with a "kaleidoscope of colors."younger than yesterday. This was inspired by the Los Angeles Renaissance fairs of the time. "These were the first big gatherings of hippies," he said in the notes to his box.Trip, "even before the Be-Ins." That song, she said, "gave you an idea of ​​what it was like."— DB

"They're All Burnt Out" (1967)

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Amid psychedelic chord cycles, Crosby penned lyrics about coming to terms with injuries for this contemplative deep cut. "Everybody's been burned before," the song begins. "Everybody Knows the Pain" Crosby had written the tune, whose jazzy vocals allowed for an avant-garde guitar solo, a few years before he joined the group, and years later he still recognized it as a revolutionary composition, calling it "the first really acceptable". . song.", which I wrote "in aInterview 1995. "'Everybody's Been Burned' was the most representative of what was to become my style," he said in 1984, "pleasant changes, unusual feel and flavor, plus fine words."KG.

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"Triad" (1968)

Crosby's relentless drive to take the Byrds to new heights, so effective when he led his bandmates Coltrane and Raga for "Eight Miles High" in 1966, was pushed to its limits two years later with this heartfelt trio proposition. . "I love you too, and I really don't understand," he muttered to the band's smoky burn, "why can't we just carry on as a trio?" Those words were bold enough to get him dropped from the band in the fall of 1968, after Croz campaigned unsuccessfully to have the song recorded.The infamous Byrd brothersamid escalating conflicts with bandmates Roger McGuinn and Chris Hillman. (Jefferson Airplane, always ready for a provocative gesture, continuedcover it up; The Byrds' original studio recording of "Triad" was not released as a bonus track until years later.) "At least one group of people was very upset about that song," Crosby said.saying rolling rocksBen Fong-Torres in 1970 after happily ending up at CSN. "This band is not trapped behind this song at all, as they have had similar experiences."— S.V.L.

Ginebra (1969)

Imagine it's 1969 and you just bought CSN's debut album. It begins with the seven-minute "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes," followed by the upbeat "Marrakesh Express." But from the third track everything slows down. It is the ballad "Guinnevere" and you have entered mysticism. Croz himself knew the song was killer, describing the green eyes and golden hair of the legendary Queen of England over an almost haunting beat. Eventually he revealed to us that he wrote the song about three different real women, not mythical ones. One of them was his partner Christine Gail Hinton, who died in a tragic accident that same year; another was Joni Mitchell. "And the other one is someone I can't tell," he said.saying. "It could be my best song."- BIN.


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"Long Gone" (1969)

At the end of the turbulent 1960s, Crosby was still clutching the decade. The smooth and elegiac "Long Time Gone" from CSN's first album reflects his mood. "I wrote ['Long Time Gone'] right after Bobby Kennedy was assassinated," he said.Rolling Stonein 2008. “It was the result of their loss, the loss of John Kennedy and Martin Luther King. I started to feel overwhelmed. It seemed like a ball vote. It seemed that no matter how good we could find one person to stand up as an inspiration and leader for good, that somehow the other side would succeed by simply taking them down." But Crosby didn't feel completely helpless. In the song's third verse, he demands, "Speak up, you gotta speak out against the madness/ You gotta speak your mind, if you dare."KG.

"Deja vu" (1970)

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Over 50 years ago, long before thatolivia rodrigooBeyoncéhe felt some eerie familiarity in the back of his mind - there was this beautyCSNYtheme song. When the band began collecting material for the album, Croz was struggling with Hinton's death and was too devastated to write anything new. So he gave his bandmates this jewel, which he wrote after a strange ride on a friend's sailboat. "It's like he's done this before," he told CSNY biographer David Browne. “I knew a lot more about it than I should have known. I immediately knew how to sail a ship. It's not instinctive. It doesn't make sense... I felt then and now that I had been here before. I don't believe in God, but I think the Buddhists got it right: we recycle."- BIN.

"I Almost Cut My Hair" (1970)

One of the harrowing favorites of fans ofAlready seenit might never have been on the album if David Crosby hadn't campaigned for its inclusion. "Stephen [Stills]...didn't want to let him go because he thought he was a bad voice", Crosbysaying Rolling Stonein 1970. "But I felt what I wanted to say when I sang it." What Crosby felt while writing the song was a mix of late-1960s disillusionment following the RFK assassination and growing alienation as the death toll in Vietnam mounted. 53 years later, Crosby's righteous anger still resonates.— J. B.

"Lee's Shore" (1971)

The first time fans heard Crosby's ballad hewrote"about a 20-year love affair with a schooner Alden" ranfour way street, CSNY's multi-platinum live album from 1971. "Sailing is a mystical experience for me," Crosby said of the acoustic lullaby. "It takes me out of the whole scene." Though never one of the band's biggest hits, the song became a staple of Crosby's sets for decades to come, a rousing moment of impressionistic natural, two-part harmony (if performed with Graham Nash). ) and the future date: "Maybe I'll see you," Crosby sang. "The next quiet place."— J. B.

„Cowboy Movie“ (1971)

Backed by three members of the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh and Mickey Hart, this excellent song stands out from Crosby's classic solo debut.If only I could remember my name..., is one of his hardest-hitting, hardest-paced moments on record. "It's the CSNY story, but it's told like a cowboy movie," he said.saying Rolling StoneIt's Andy Greene. “Obviously, the recording of the album fell through. We played it several times. That time you hear on the record is pretty spectacular. There was very good chemistry between Garcia and Lesh and I... We had good chemistry. It was loose and funky and it just felt right."— BH

"Tamalpai's High (About 3)" (1971)

Crosby couldn't find the right words to describe the mood of "Tamalpais High (at 3)," the title of which refers to a Bay Area high school that opens around 3 p.m. – So he sang jazzy stacks of “doo doo doo” over bluesy guitar and pounding cymbals. "I just did it the way I wanted, using my voice as a horn section," he said.Rolling Stonein 2021. “There are no rules for me, so you can do things like that. I don't know if anyone else would have done that. But I loved it". At one point, he had a girlfriend who attended the school, which explains the upbeat mood of the track. "Tamalpais High is not about getting high, and it's not about the mountain," he said, referring to Mount Tamalpais in Marin County. But is pretty.- KG.

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"Laughter" (1971)

In "Laughing", Crosby sings about false prophets who claim to speak to God. "I thought I met a man who said he knew a man who knew what was going on," she sings. "I was wrong / Just another stranger I met." The idea for the song came to him from his friend George Harrison, who Crosby feared was recorded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. "I wanted to tell him, 'Be skeptical… Any time someone tells you they talked to God right after breakfast this morning, they're probably making you stupid," he mused.Rolling Stone in 2021. “That's what I wanted to say. But I was a chicken because I was George." The last line of the song, "I was a mistake/Just a boy who laughs in the sun," had poetic meaning for Crosby: "A boy who laughs in the sun knows better that God than he." I." -KG.

"The Song of the Wall" (1972)

As he proudly explains, no one specializes in songs about coping with life, making mistakes, and groping in the dark like Crosby, or as he puts it on this track.Graham Nash/David Crosby, "Stumbling half blind/And dry as the wind/That hits you and leaves you behind/Lying in the sand." With the help of members of the Dead and Nash, "The Wall Song" had a more aggressive beat than some of his other songs at the time, even if it clearly hinted at the turmoil he felt following the death of Christine Gail Hinton.— DB

"Page 43" (1972)

Crosby's exhortation to seize the day, "Page 43," has everything a gospel song needs: a biblical message about practicing kindness, weird metaphors about finding silver and gold in a rainbow, lots of wine in the third verse, just that everything is mundane. When Crosby sang, "Here on page 43 it says you must grab it / Or you'll find you missed it," he was saying in general terms, joking that the page might as well be from the Old Testament or Zap Comix. . But he had no problem praising a sacred inspiration for the theme: "I wrote it in the master cabin of my ship in Sausalito," he recalls in the book.Composers on composition, "and was musically influenced by James Taylor."KG.

"Take Me" (1975)

On "Carry Me", a track from Crosby and Nash's 1975 album,wind on the water, Crosby reflects on the death of his mother. "She lay there in white sheets, waiting to die," she sings. "She said if you'd just reach under that bed / and loosen those weights, sure she could fly." But for all the sadness in his voice, there is never despair, and his and Nash's voices rise in harmony. In the chorus, she asks him to use her. The song became a live classic for Crosby and his bandmates. "No matter how many times we sing these songs, eventually our emotions take over and, brother, let me tell you, I create something sacred," Graham Nash wrote in his Carry Me memoir.wild stories. "Whatever it is, Croz and I have it in common, whether it's intuition, tone of voice, or something much deeper and indefinable."KG.

"Homecoming Through the Haze" (1975)

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Depending on when you asked, this song was either about the fall of Los Angeles or about CSNY's first showdown with the haters back then ("first winter rain/first fall from grace"). But with Crosby playing a rare piano part, it was one of his most introspective songs by any means, with an anthemic melody that felt charged and beautiful at the same time. CSNY first tried it during their failed '74 sessions, but then he and Nash, with guest Carole King, recorded the final version for them.wind on the water — DB

"Captain of the Shadows" (1978)

The opening track from the 1978s.CSN- The first album by Crosby, Stills and Nash as a trio since their 1969 debut - combines a graceful arrangement and sophisticated chords that hinted at Crosby's love for the then-emerging jazz-rock of Steely Dan, with harmonies as rich as those he recorded the band. He wrote the metaphorical lyrics in a single outburst on a boat trip, and the song as a whole was strong enough to almost draw Neil Young back into the band.— BH

Footprints in the Dust" (1989)

After spending time in prison for drugs in the mid-'80s, Crosby slowly began to reunite with his muse, like this largely forgotten track from hisoh yes i canthe album testifies to it. What sounds like a dinner conversation between upbeat or grumpy people turns out to be your own internal dialogue. With guitarist Michael Hedges embellishing the tune with his own sonic brilliance, "Tracks in the Dust" was one of the first signs that Crosby was ready for a post-crisis and addiction comeback that would, surprisingly, last several decades. . .— DB

"Dreams for Him" ​​(1999)

In "Dream for Him," Crosby comes to terms with bringing new life to a cruel world and wonders how he can explain death and misery to his son, Django, without lying or sugarcoating. "I want a world where he can tell her the truth about everything from Jesus to John Wilkes Booth," he sings on jazz guitar. "As they lie in the House and the Senate / They only come close to the truth when it suits them." In the background, his CSNY bandmates sing the title of the song that was featured in his.ExpectAlbum. “No one I know who has children hasn't asked these questions: How do I explain to my child the insanity of human behavior around the world? … How do you explain that one day you will leave?he said once. "This is kind of hard." —KG.

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"Things We Do for Love" (2016)

Crosby wrote Things We Do For Love for his wife Jan Dance, whom he married in 1987 and who would remain by his side until his death. It's a tender and subtly beautiful ballad that focuses on the little moments in a relationship, more of a meditative tone poem than a bubbly Valentine's Day. "At first it's fun/But love is long," Croz sings. "A Little Every Day / That's How It's Built." For Croz, the song emerged as part of a fertile songwriting period late in his career. "I can't explain why that would happen other than I'm happy."he said thatWall Street Journalat that time. "I'm a very lucky guy. That could be the key to the whole thing."

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Did Phil Collins pay for David Crosby's liver transplant? ›

In an interview with The Guardian, David Crosby revealed that his friend and singer Phil Collins helped him through his liver transplant surgery. Although the artist did not confirm the same, The Guardian at the time noted that Collins partially funded Crosby's surgery.

Is Graham Nash still alive? ›

Nash is a photography collector and a published photographer.
Graham Nash.
Graham Nash OBE
GenresRock pop folk
Occupation(s)Musician singer songwriter photographer activist
Instrument(s)Vocals guitar keyboards
Years active1958–present
9 more rows

What did CSNY played at Woodstock? ›

Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young's Woodstock setlist:

Blackbird. Helplessly Hoping. Guinnevere. Marrakesh Express.

Is Crosby Stills and Nash folk music? ›

Crosby, Stills & Nash (CSN) was a folk rock supergroup made up of American singer-songwriters David Crosby and Stephen Stills and English singer-songwriter Graham Nash.

Who has lived the longest with a liver transplant? ›

Funni has survived for nearly 40 years. … Patients like Patti Funni inspire and give hope to other people facing challenging illness.” So much more hope has been given to others who have had liver transplants through Funni, who used to host “liver parties,” where she'd gather others who had liver transplants.

What disease does David Crosby have? ›

But by the mid-1970s Crosby was addicted to cocaine and heroin, according to an obituary published by The New York Times. His substance misuse may have exacerbated his medical issues, as his long battle with hepatitis C necessitated a liver transplant in 1994.

Who was the love of Joni Mitchell's life? ›

Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen

Mitchell apparently met Leonard Cohen — another great of her generation — for the first time at the Newport Folk Festival in 1967 (above.) The two became friends and even entered into a romantic relationship.

Does Graham Nash get along with David Crosby? ›

In 2021, Crosby told the Guardian, “I don't want to talk to [Nash], I'm not happy with him at all.” And in 2022, Nash said, “My patience, my love for [Crosby], it all just stopped.” Nash told AARP that now he'd rather focus on the good times he and Crosby shared as friends and bandmates.

Did Graham Nash date Joni Mitchell? ›

Joni Mitchell and Graham Nash's relationship ended in disastrous circumstances for both of them. However, it provided the world with some fine music that came from the high-profile pair falling out of love. Despite only being an item for two years, their time in the Laurel Canyon changed their respective careers.

Who was the most famous performer at Woodstock? ›

Arguably the most iconic moment of the entire Woodstock festival was when psychedelic guitar rocker Jimi Hendrix's played his legendary rendition of the United States National Anthem. Hendrix's performance was one of the last songs on stage at Woodstock.

Who was the youngest player at Woodstock? ›

Woodstock's youngest performer will be at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland tonight to discuss the iconic weekend festival. Henry Gross was just 18 and a member of Sha Na Na when the retro band played at Yasgur's Farm in August 1969.

What band played first at Woodstock? ›

Havens and his band mates opened Woodstock shortly after 5 p.m. with “Minstrel From Gault.” After their regular set, they performed multiple encores to buy time for fellow performers still struggling to reach the site.

What is the oldest American folk song? ›

The oldest surviving folk song of local Anglo-American origin is the ballad "Springfield Mountain" dating back to 1761 in Connecticut.

Why did Crosby Stills and Nash get removed from Spotify? ›

Crosby also explained why he sold his catalog. “Spotify doesn't pay us. I had two ways of making a living, touring and records. Spotify comes along, and I don't get paid for records anymore,” he said.

What is the singing style of Bing Crosby? ›

“I think what sounds old-fashioned to you is the very thing that made Crosby revolutionary: the sotto voce, conversational, 'crooning' style that he brought to popular music by mastering the microphone, a new technology in the late '20s and early '30s,” Rosen explained.

What is the cut off age for a liver transplant? ›

Is there an age limit for liver transplantation? The age limit is individualized as it varies with a patient's overall health condition. However, it is rare to offer liver transplant to someone greater than 70 years old.

What is the leading cause of death after liver transplant? ›

CV=Cardiovascular. 95 patients died within 1–5 years of transplant. Known causes of death were: hepatic (28.4%), malignancy (24.2%), cardiovascular (13.7%), infection/sepsis (10.5%) and 12 unknown.
Table 1.
Underlying etiology (n, %)
Hepatitis C139(17.4)
Hepatitis C/ alcohol54(6.7)
17 more rows

What disqualifies you from donating a liver? ›

You cannot be a liver donor if you: Are under age 18 or over age 60. Suffer from heart disease or lung disease. Have an incompatible blood type.

What band did David Crosby get kicked out of? ›

David Crosby's career in music should have ended in 1967. That was the day the other members of the Byrds came over to kick him out of the band.

What was the name of David Crosby's boat? ›

When Crosby bought Mayan he would have been about 28 years old. He owned the wooden schooner from 1969 until 2014, when it was purchased by Beau Vrolyk of Santa Cruz. David Crosby's famous 59-ft Alden schooner Mayan, now owned by Beau Vrolyk, racing in a recent Rolex Big Boat Series.

Did John Lennon like Joni Mitchell? ›

Considering Lennon was obsessed with Bob Dylan, it's surprising that he wasn't a fan of Joni Mitchell. While he did have issues regarding her music, she later suggested the grudge derived from a personal vendetta that the former Beatle held against her.

Did Led Zeppelin like Joni Mitchell? ›

One of the most notable proponents of Mitchell is English rock legends, Led Zeppelin. Frontman Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page were such fans of the Canadian songstress that they heavily drew on her work for their song 'Going to California' from 1971's Led Zeppelin IV.

What is Joni Mitchell's biggest song? ›

1. "Big Yellow Taxi" Several artists have made covers of this song, including Counting Crows back in 2003, but Joni Mitchell will forever hold the crown for creating it. Mitchell was truly ahead of her time when she penned "Big Yellow Taxi." Keep in mind - this was the 1970s she was living in.

Why did Joni Mitchell and Graham Nash split? ›

During a stop in Panama, Mitchell met the drug-riddled pair. Before too long, Nash and Mitchell were arguing once more, and it became so fraught that she yelled at him, telling him he hated all women, then things turned “ugly”. She left and flew back to LA.

Is Graham Nash a nice guy? ›

When Graham Nash published his 2013 memoir, Critics at Large warned readers not to expect a juicy tell-all: "Nash is too nice a guy, too gentle, too caring to hang his friends out to dry." The British singer-songwriter is the quintessential friend in need—he even stood by former bandmate David Crosby in very dark times ...

Who pays for a liver transplant? ›

All medical services related to organ donation are submitted to the recipient's insurance. Your recipient's insurance typically covers all medical services related to your organ donation, including your evaluation, hospitalization, surgery, follow-up care and treatment of any surgical complications.

Did David Crosby buy a liver? ›

In 1994 Crosby underwent a liver transplant, and experts say the long-term success of his transplant is a sign of the medical advancements in treatment. The first successful liver transplant happened in the 60s, shortly before Crosby formed the long-running band with Stills and Nash.

What is the cost of a liver transplant? ›

So just how much does a liver cost? According to the Milliman study, a liver costs an average of $104,000. Hospital admission for a transplant is the largest expense for a liver transplant.

How many liver transplants did James Redford have? ›

James Redford, documentary filmmaker, activist, and son of Robert Redford, passed away on October 16, 2020, at the age of 58. Redford had been diagnosed with primary sclerosing cholangitis and received two liver transplants in 1993.

What is the best hospital in the United States for liver disease? ›

Nationally recognized expertise

Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, ranks No. 1 for digestive disorders in the U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals rankings.

How painful is a liver transplant? ›

There is pain after liver transplant surgery, however it is generally not as severe as with other abdominal surgeries. This is because nerves are severed during the initial abdominal incision causing numbness of the skin around the abdomen. These nerves regenerate over the following six months and sensation returns.

Who Cannot be a liver donor? ›

You cannot be a liver donor if you: Are under age 18 or over age 60. Suffer from heart disease or lung disease. Have an incompatible blood type.

Can a liver donor be alive? ›

A living-donor liver transplant is a surgery in which a portion of the liver from a healthy living person is removed and placed into someone whose liver is no longer working properly. The donor's remaining liver regrows and returns to its normal size, volume and capacity within a couple of months after the surgery.

How many people have survived a liver transplant? ›

Liver transplant survival rates

In general, about 75% of people who undergo liver transplant live for at least five years. That means that for every 100 people who receive a liver transplant for any reason, about 75 will live for five years and 25 will die within five years.

Has there ever been a successful liver transplant? ›

In 1967, Starzl performed the first successful liver transplant with a patient surviving more than a year.


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