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2Incredible Palmistry Secrets, including the full text of - Palmistry for Fun (A Shortcut to Professional Palmistry) by Per Hogseth

3NOTE: This is NOT a free e-book. All materials are copyright of Per Hogseth. You may not copy, reproduce, post or transmit this document in any format. For permits or joint venture opportunities contact Per Hogseth at Issue 2 CONTENTS Author's biography 5 Introduction 7 Hand and Finger Combinations 9 Long Fingers 9 Short Fingers 9 Medium Fingers 10 The Four Elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water 11 Hands of Fire 11 Hands of Earth 12 Hands of Air 13 Hands of Water 14 Reading the Hand Lines 15 The Heart Line 16 Physical Heart Line 16 Mental Heart Line 17 End Positions 17 The Girdle of Venus 18 The Head Line 19 The Imaginative Head Line 20 The Practical Heading 20 The Writer's Bifurcation 21 Starting Positions 21 The Life Line 22 The Sister Line 25 Worry Lines 26 The Destiny Line 27 No Destiny Line 28 Starting Positions 28 Double Destiny Line 29 2

4End Positions 29 Collateral Lines 30 Liver 31 The Sun Line 32 The Monkey Crease 34 The Thumb 35 Length of the Thumb 37 Sections of the Thumb 37 Flexibility 37 The Fingers 38 The Phalanges 38 The Finger of Mercury 40 The Phalanges 41 The Finger of Apollo 42 The Phalanges 42 The Finger of Saturn 44 The phalanges 44 The finger of Jupiter 46 Longitude 46 The curved finger of Jupiter 47 Phalanges 47 The mountains 48 The mount of Jupiter 49 The mount of Saturn 50 The mount of Apollo 51 The mount of Mercury 52 The mount of Venus 54 The mount of Mars 55 The Luna Mountain 57 Neptune Mountain 58 Other Important Hand Factors 58 Psychic Abilities 59 Line of Intuition 59 Money 61 Inherited Money 61 Earned Money 62 Travel 63 3

5Romance 65 Children 66 Romance and Compatibility 67 Compatibility 68 Hand Shapes 68 Heart Lines 69 Thumb 70 Venus Mountain 70 Talents and Careers 71 Hand Shapes 71 Air Hand 72 Fire Hand 72 Earth Hand 73 Water Hand 73 The Hills 74 Jupiter Mount 74 Mount of Saturn 74 Apollo Mount 74 Mercury Mount 74 Venus Mount 75 Mars Mount 75 Luna Mount 75 The Fingers 75 Long Fingers 76 Short Fingers 76 Additional Chapters: (In Issue 2) Degrees of the Palm 77 The Monkey Fold 82 Palmistry for Fun, (A Shortcut for Palmistry Pros) 84 The Intuitive Pendulum Making and Using an Amplifier for Your Intuition 117 4

6How to Run Your Own Mental Health Business 134 Money-Making Tips, Techniques, and Secrets 134 Getting Started 134 Building and Maintaining a Client Base 134 Getting Started 134 Direct Mail 135 Press Coverage 135 Client Relationships 136 Money-Making Ideas 137 Writing 137 Birthday Cards 138 Astrology 139 Business Cards and Flyers 140 Beauty Salons 142 Psychic House Parties 143 Shopping Malls 145 Conclusions 145 AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY Per Hogseth was born in Norway, the land of the midnight sun. From a young age, Per began performing magic tricks for his friends. He also had a talent for hypnosis and began hypnotizing his schoolmates. In the mid-1970s he became interested in palmistry and read palmistry for friends. Then in 1994 Per met the New Zealand magician, hypnotist and clairvoyant Richard Webster and began training as a professional palmist. Per started his career doing magic and palmistry for corporate clients in Norway. Today Per teaches private courses, lectures at seminars and consults with various mental health groups in Norway. He continues to do private readings for clients and occasionally works with 5 year old companies

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8INTRODUCTION Palmistry or cheiromancy (pronounced kei-ro-mansy) is a very popular and accurate form of divination. The famous 19th-century palmist Leic de Hamon (Louis Hamon) was named Cheiro in his honor. The art of palmistry can be traced back to the Stone Age. Images of human hands are often found in cave drawings, indicating their special interest in this part of the body. These paintings can be seen in the Lascaux Caves in France, the remarkable Santander Caves in Spain and several caves in Africa. The ancient Vedic scriptures contained a wealth of information about palmistry. K.C. Sen, a prominent Indian palmist, says that the earliest writings on palmistry were ancient Sanskrit. These verses have survived and are still protected from palmistry. The famous palmist Cheiro claimed to have seen one of these manuscripts in the early 20th century. possessions... and he said: Why is my lord so persecuting his servants? because what have I done? what harm is in my hand? 1 Samuel 26:18. He seals the hand of every man so that all may know his work. Job 37:7. The length of the days is in his right hand; and in his left hand riches and honor. Proverbs 3:16. Behold, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands, your walls are ever before me (Isaiah 49:16). Before the birth of the Buddha in 563 B.C. the leading seers of the time gathered in the royal palace. They were drawn to extraordinary signs revealed in the stars. They were delighted to discover the imprint of the wheel on the Buddha's hands and feet, indicating his future greatness. Palmists in India are still searching for this special mark on babies' palms. 7

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9Gypsies appeared around the eleventh century, although they practiced palmistry centuries earlier. Sigismund, the Holy Roman Emperor, employed gypsies as spies. Word soon got around and when the gypsies arrived at the gates of Paris in 1427, they were not allowed to enter. However, the townsfolk, fascinated and excited by these romantic strangers, rushed outside to see their fate. The tradition of crossing the gypsy palm with silver dates back to this period. The church claimed that the gypsies were in league with the devil. To counter this, the Gypsies explained that the devil was afraid of both silver and the sign of the cross. So if you made the sign of the cross over a gypsy's hand with silver, you would be protected. Needless to say, the gypsies took the silver. Interest in using palmistry for psychological analysis is a product of the last century. The first major work on this subject was Julius Spier's children's hands, which appeared in . Unsurprisingly, the introduction comes from Carl Jung. Works by Noel Jaquin, Charlotte Wolf and, in 1990, Andrew Fizherbert quickly followed. Research into palm tree designs has been ongoing at the Kennedy Galton Center near London since World War II. This research led scientists to confirm that health determinants can be determined by hand. The current research on dermatoglyphs (the study of skin patterns) is perhaps the most exciting development in the history of palmistry. Although palmistry dates back to the Stone Age, its heyday is just beginning. The future of palmistry is now assured as scientists prove its validity! 8th

10NOTE: Line and finger direction cues are read while viewing the client's palm. fingers pointing at you HANDS AND FINGER COMBINATIONS Before reading the palm, look at the fingers to see if they are short or long. This isn't always easy to estimate when you're just starting out, but with practice, you can quickly estimate finger length. Fingers are considered long if they bend backwards and can touch a point at least seven eighths along the palm. Unfortunately there are exceptions as some people have extremely flexible hands while others are very rigid. Also, someone with an extremely elongated palm may have long fingers that only reach halfway down the palm because the palm itself is very long. With practice, you'll be able to look at someone's palm and know right away if their fingers are long or short. The problem occurs when you're studying and come across a hand with fingers that don't look long or short. Fortunately, we can also cover this situation. Long fingers If the fingers are long, the person pays attention to details and one can say: You like complex work. You are patient and like all the intricate parts, you like the details of things. Your work must be very tiring and rewarding. If it's too easy, it's easy to lose interest. Short fingers Someone with short fingers is almost the opposite. They are more interested in the broad outlines than the details and don't have much patience. You could say you're always busy. Sometimes you can start something new before completing the last task. Often several things move at the same time. 9

11You tend to want everything right away, so patience isn't your forte. His impulsiveness has gotten him into trouble in the past. In a way, you are a craftsman. Medium Fingers Of course, someone with neither long nor short fingers falls into an in-between category. You could say: Sometimes you can be too patient. However, other times you tend to jump first and think later. When something really interests you, you want to get to the bottom of it and sort it out. If it's just a passing interest, you're more inclined to sugarcoat it and not learn it in detail. Now we have four options to consider: 1. Square hands with short fingers 2. Square hands with long fingers 3. Oblong hands with short fingers 4. Oblong hands with long fingers This is the classification used in Chinese palmistry. It comes from Fred Getting's monumental book The Book of the Hand. The four types are named after the four elements of antiquity: fire, earth, air and water. These fit well with astrology's descriptions of fire, earth, air, and water signs, but that doesn't necessarily mean that a Sagittarius (a fire sign) would have a fire hand. You can find people with all four types of hands in all signs of the zodiac. 10

12The Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water Fire hands Fire is hot, energizing and in constant motion. It can provide gentle warmth, but it can also burn. Consequently, it requires careful handling. A fire hand is elongated with short fingers. Someone with such a hand is likely to be emotional, enthusiastic, and creative. Short fingers mean a dislike of details. The long palm adds intuition. For someone with such a hand you can say: You have a great head, full of wonderful ideas. These ideas excite you. Your enthusiasm may not last long, but at this moment it is extremely important to you. Sometimes dealing with your emotions can be a bit difficult, but they allow you to experience life to the fullest. Details are not your forte and you tend to prefer the big picture to intricate details. You are probably creative and need to be busy to be happy. 11

13Earth Hands The earth is the dry, solid part of our planet. Everything that happens on earth follows the natural rhythms of germination, growth, death and decay. Earth is timeless and expresses stability. However, all sorts of changes are constantly taking place beneath its surface. This can lead to earthquakes and other upheavals. The earth hand is very similar to the practical hand. It consists of a square palm and short fingers. People with this hand type are reliable, down-to-earth, and practical. They enjoy repetitive work and are skilled with their hands. You like rhythm. They are conservative, reserved and possessive. But like the country itself, they can respond violently if they deem it necessary. You can say to someone with earthy hands: You are a hard worker. You enjoy physical challenges and your hands can think for themselves. You can be stubborn at times and don't change your mind easily. You like rhythm and movement. You're not usually good with details unless you're doing something. You probably prefer to work outdoors and do some hands-on. They are reliable, honest and somewhat reserved. 12

14Air Hands Air is essential to life. We take it for granted and rarely notice it, except on windy days. Air is also essential for communication as it carries sound waves. Air creatures like birds and flying insects are fast moving and active. The air hand consists of a square palm and long fingers. These people tend to use logic more than intuition. You are empathetic and express yourself clearly. They enjoy communicating and often have careers that take advantage of their skills. Their strong emphasis on logic means these people tend to be suspicious of emotions, both their own and those of other people. We could say something similar to someone with air hands: you are intelligent, clear thinking and judgmental. Relationships are important to you, but sometimes you find that logic gets in the way of your feelings. They are reliable and like to get things done thoroughly. You are a stimulating companion and life never gets boring when you are around. 13

fifteenWater Hands Finally water. If you think about it, water is essentially still. Other forces must act on it for it to change. It's also formless in that it just moves to fill the available space. The moon has a powerful influence on the water and creates the tides in our oceans. The saying "still waters run deep" is very applicable to the hand of water. The water hand consists of an elongated palm with long fingers. It is also sometimes referred to as the intuitive hand because these people are very conscious and receptive. People with this type of hand are changeable, impressionable and emotional. You are idealistic and very imaginative. One could say to someone with watery hands: You have a very rich inner life. Your imagination is great and you fantasize about almost everything. You can be influenced by other people, so you are flexible with your ideas. Your intuition is strong. you are emotional When you care about someone, you enjoy spending time with them. You also need some alone time to reflect on your own life. You are happiest in the right relationship with someone you can count on and count on. 14

16READ HAND LINES Your hand changes throughout life. The lines you see on your palm today aren't exactly the same as they were a year ago, and are probably very different than they were five years ago. Although your hand gives an outline of your life, it is only a preliminary outline. You have the final decision about the direction of your life. Whether you want the job or not, you are the captain of your own destiny. Palmistry, like a medical examination, is strictly a diagnostic reading. He can show the forces at work within you and he can show the logical results of those forces. You can accept them as they are or start changing them. As with the tarot, be very careful about the wording of what you see in a person's palm. A few lines can show a specific area where your topic has very serious problems. This should be presented as an area of ​​potential vulnerability and something you should be particularly aware of. In some cases you will find a specific combination of lines that indicate an early death. If this is the case, don't miss what you see. Instead, emphasize the need for great care to avoid illness, accidents, violence, or whatever the rest of the hand suggests as possible causes. Remember, palmistry is only a diagnosis, never a definitive statement. As a palmist, your attitude matters a lot. Never try to guess your subject by adding observations and facts you know in advance. Just read your palm. Ideally, you know absolutely nothing about the person you are reading. Your hands and intuition should do the trick. fifteen

17THE HEART LINE The heart lines (various end positions) The heart line determines our emotional life and shows how we relate to others. It is the main line closest to the fingers. It runs across the palm of the hand, starting under the little finger and usually ending in the area between the index and middle fingers. Physical Heart Line When the heart line forms a gentle curve that starts under the pinky and ends between the first and second fingers, it is called the physical heart line. People with physical heart lines are usually good at expressing their feelings. Though they suffer their share of ups and downs, they quickly pick themselves back up and get on with their lives. They are likely to express their feelings physically and assertively. To someone with a heart line like this you could say: Because your heart line ends right below your fingers, it shows that you have an open nature and can express your innermost feelings. You are warm and loving. If something goes wrong, you can quickly get back on your feet. 16

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18Mental Heart Line The other type of heart line is the mental (or humanitarian) heart line. This runs straight across the palm of the hand and does not curve at the end. People with mental heart lines find it difficult to express their innermost feelings. You will suffer in silence instead of making a scene. You will have many romantic feelings that outweigh common sense. They are very delicate and need a lot of space around them. You can say to these people: you have a heart line that runs right through your palm. This is known as the mental heart line and makes it very difficult for you to express your innermost feelings. It will gradually become easier for you, but you have to work at it. You can be sensitive at times and may be a little reserved. You like people, but at the same time you need space around you. As this line rules emotions it is common to find someone with flaws as we all have ups and downs at different times in our lives. The most common visible sign of trauma is a series of islets in the line of the heart. These islands indicate a difficult time. Problems usually arise from a relationship. This makes it very easy to determine if someone has had an unhappy marriage followed by a happy marriage. In this case, the first part of the person's life (the part closest to the little finger) has a multitude of islands, while the rest of the line is free. Final Positions The final position of the heart line is extremely important. Ideally, it should end between the first and second fingers. This creates a balance between the ego (represented by the index finger) and the rest of humanity. People with this are realistic about their emotional lives and don't have impossible expectations. If the line ends at or just below the index finger, the person is idealistic and easily hurt. Other people will rarely live up to your expectations, leading to frequent disappointments. 17

19When the heart line ends at or just below the middle finger, the person tends to be selfish and only think of themselves and their personal gratification. They will lack emotional involvement. Often you will find a heart line that forks in two directions at the end. This person has a complex emotional nature. He or she will see both sides of a situation. The Girdle of Venus The Girdle of Venus Every once in a while you will find a girdle of Venus. This line is usually a series of small separate lines. It runs parallel to the heart line and is located between the heart line and the fingers. This indicates an extremely sensitive and highly emotional person who can be unstable and neurotic. 18

20THE HEADLINE The Headline (various ending positions) The Headline determines a person's intellect and shows the quality of their thinking at different stages of life. It also reveals how the person approaches problems and reveals a lot about their outlook on life. They say the longer the headline, the smarter the person can be. But a long headline doesn't guarantee intelligence. Since we only use a small part of our mental capacity, apparent intelligence is difficult to measure. We could learn a new fact every day from birth to death and never run out of brain power. Therefore, someone with a long headline but a lazy attitude won't stand out as much as someone with a short headline but a zest for life. It's best to use the length of the headline to gauge how detailed this person's thinking is. The longer the line, the more complex and complicated the thought. 19

21Like the heart line, the head line can be divided into two main types: 1. The imaginative head line 2. The practical head line. The Imaginative Head Line The Imaginative Head Line curves up toward the wrist and terminates in the palm area known as the Lunar Mount (Imagination). This area is called the creative subconscious and gives a person creativity and good imagination. These people need variety and stimulation in their lives. Meeting someone with such a title can tell you: you have a creative and imaginative approach to everything you do. Your work has to be interesting, otherwise you'll quickly lose focus. You work best in aesthetic environments and appreciate the finer things in life. You have refined taste. The practical header. The other main type of headline is practical. This line runs across the palm. As the name suggests, it belongs to people who have both feet firmly on the ground and live in the present. Here you could say: You are practical and down-to-earth in everything you do. They are not very trusting and prefer to work things out for themselves. You like to get to the bottom of things and draw your own conclusions. 20

22Writer's Fork Writer's Fork (red) Sometimes you will find a forked heading. One branch goes to the creative subconscious, and the other straight to the palm. This combination is known as a writers fork. This means that the person has a vivid imagination and can come up with good ideas. These ideas or concepts can easily be turned into reality. Writers do it, but so do all kinds of people. This asset would benefit both an entrepreneur and an artist. I have a friend who is a writer and he has a well defined writer's fork on hand. Starting positions If the head line touches the life line at the start, it means the person is careful. They like to test the water before jumping in. If the heading is separated from the life line, but still close to it, this is an indication of a confident person who has been an independent thinker all his life. The farther the head line starts from the life line, the more independent the person will be. When it starts on Mount Jupiter (the mountain at the base of the index finger), it is indicative of someone who is extremely ambitious and will not let anything or anyone stand in their way on their way to the top. 21

23If the heading begins within the life line, it is an indication of a lack of trust, likely due to family issues in that person's early years. When the main line starts, connects to the life line, and stays together for some distance, it shows that family influence was so strong that the person was unable (or unwilling) to make their own decisions. THE LINE OF LIFE The Line of Life (Colored Lines) The line of life is the line that encircles the thumb, beginning at the edge of the palm on the side of the index finger, and forming a semi-circle around the hillock at the base of the thumb. Like the other lines, it should be clear and well marked. The lifeline is the one everyone thinks they know! I don't know how many times people have come up to me and said: My Peter has a very short lifeline. Does that mean he'll die young? 22

24Many children have short lifelines, but that line lengthens as they grow. It's really impossible to tell when someone is going to die just by looking at the lifeline. Several other factors are also involved. Furthermore, it is inexcusable for any palmist to tell someone when they will die, as their prediction can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I know a woman who was told at sixteen that she would die at fifty. For years before she hit her fifty, she worried about predictions. Finally, on her fifty-first birthday, she felt relieved. Luckily she is still alive but has experienced years of unnecessary stress and anxiety. Although many other psychics, including myself, assured her that the first reading was wrong, she still went through years of torment. So if you think you see any indication of illness or even death in the palm of your customer's hand, please do not tell the customer. Tell the customer positive things about yourself. Give them hope for the future. Remember that hands are always changing. What you read today may be very different from what you will read a year from now. I don't tell anyone when they will die, even though the date seems obvious to me. I challenge you to do the same. Eventually the pointers can change and ruin your prediction. A short lifeline does not indicate a short life, just as a long lifeline does not guarantee a long life. You will find some people with all three main lines (life, head and heart) short. The life line is the first line that forms on the palm of the hand and appears when the human embryo is eight weeks old. This line is quickly followed by the heart line and the head line. It is interesting to note that these lines appear before the baby can even move. This means it's not just flexion creases caused by flexing the hand, as some critics of palmistry claim. 23

25The life line is a measure of a person's vitality and interest in life. It is an image of one's own vitality and reflects the quality of life. It also shows how much energy and power the person has. Ideally, it should be as far from the palm of the hand as possible, since the area enclosed by this line (the mount of Venus) indicates how much energy and stamina the person has. Someone with a lifeline hugging the thumb will be listless, lethargic, and lack energy. On the other hand, someone with a lifeline that reaches well into the palm of their hand will have a lot of energy and will be more alive and enthusiastic about life. When the Life Line wraps around your thumb, you can say: Sometimes you don't have as much energy as you would like. You need to make sure you get enough rest and relaxation. Keep fit and your stamina will increase. Contrary to what you would say to someone with a lifeline running straight into the palm of your hand, you have a lot of stamina and energy. If you're doing something you enjoy, you can always keep going. You like to be active and when you get tired you fall asleep very quickly and wake up to start again. 24

26The Sister Line The Sister Line (red) Many people have a fine line within and parallel to the life line. It is usually located at the beginning of the lifeline, but it can appear anywhere. Some lucky people have it for life and give the impression of having two lifelines. This line is called the sister line because it is the sister of the life line. The sister line indicates protection. I know a woman who survived a major bus accident that killed almost everyone. She has a very strong sister line in her palm. This line is always lucky to find itself in one hand. When found at the end of the life line, it indicates someone who will be physically active in old age. 25

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27Worry Lines (Red) Many people have fine wrinkles that radiate from the base of the thumb. Sometimes these lines even cross the line of life. These fine lines are called worry lines. You will find many hands with many of them! A person with hundreds of these fine lines is someone who takes care of everything. If you find just a few lines, this indicates times when the person had serious concerns. You will also find some people who do not have these fine lines. These people never give a damn about anything, but you can bet their partner has hundreds of lines! If the lines cross the line of life, this is an indication of a serious problem that has affected or could affect the person's health. If this is the person's future, I will talk about it and try to encourage them to learn meditation or self-hypnosis to help them control their worries. 26

28THE LINE OF DESTINY The Line of Destiny (Red) So far we have covered the lines found on everyone's hand. From here we will cover lines that not everyone has. The line of fate is the line that runs along the hand somewhere in the middle of the palm, starting near the wrist and going to the fingers. It's difficult because it can start anywhere near the base of the palm. However, it usually starts somewhere in the middle of the palm near the wrist and works its way towards the Saturn (second) finger. In the past, palmists believed that a long line of fate was a sign of great success. This is certainly not the case. Someone with a long Destiny line but without motivation isn't going to get very far. Beggars in India often have long lines of destiny and it simply means that they have walked this particular career path their entire lives. The Fate line is also a sign of good luck. People with him seem protected. You are able to avoid the pitfalls encountered by people without one. They usually succeed in doing the right thing, almost as if they are being coached to make the right decision. 27

29The Lack of a Destiny Line Someone without a destiny line may have a varied and interesting life, but they will certainly never be driven to succeed in any particular area. He or she will be like a ship without a rudder, pushed first one way, then the other. The lack of a destiny line is often found in the hands of misfits, criminals, and people who abuse alcohol or drugs. Many years ago in London I read the hand of a wealthy self-made businessman and found that he had no line of destiny. It turned out that he made money by buying and selling. He bought whatever he could get cheaply and resold it at a profit. He might be selling computers one week, clothes the next. He was very successful because he grabbed every opportunity he could find instead of following a specific career path. Starting Positions If the Destiny Line is on or within the Life Line, this indicates a strong family environment when the person was growing up. One could say: Your destiny line begins within your life line. When you were growing up, a family member had a strong influence on you. This person has given you a strong sense of right and wrong, and that influence stays with you forever. If the line starts away from the life line, closer to the center of the hand, it means a more independent start in life. This could be a reference to a family that was not nearby. It could indicate that your client went to boarding school or is an orphan. You can say to your customer: Ever since you were born, you've always liked being a little bit independent. You prefer to do things your own way and dislike being surrounded or restricted. When the Line of Destiny begins beyond the center of the palm, independence is even more emphasized. Someone whose Destiny lineup starts here will likely enjoy a career in dealing with the public. 28

30If the line of destiny begins almost at the wrist, then very early in life the person decided what he wants to do and where he wants to go. My doctor's destiny line goes like this. At a young age he decided to study medicine. After school he went straight to university and then to medicine. Such people are very happy. I've met many retirees who never figured out what they wanted to do with their lives! Double line of destiny There are people with more than one line of destiny. This will be a thin line on the thumb side of the Destiny Line. Indicates a time when the person was doing more than one important thing at a time. It can be an important career and an equally important hobby. This could be someone pursuing a career but equally attached to home and family. It could also indicate a handyman, someone who enjoys doing many different things at the same time. Ending Positions Where the line of destiny ends is also important. When it curves slightly and ends just below the index finger, it shows an interest in politics, philosophy, and sometimes law. This is an unusual ending position. The most common end position is under the second finger or between the second and third fingers. This means someone who follows a more orthodox career path. It could indicate someone in banking, a teacher, a handyman, a businessman, or one of the more typical types of occupations. When it ends below the third finger, it designates a person engaged in some form of creativity. It could indicate that the person is an artist, musician, interior designer, or other creative career. I recently read a florist's palm, and she had a very sharp line of fate almost touching her third finger. You'll occasionally find a fate line running across the palm and ending under the pinky. This person is a natural communicator and can be incorporated into any career with their skills in this area. He or she can be an artist or a seller. 29

31A few years ago I read the palm of an auctioneer with this kind of line of destiny. Interestingly, he was a bad communicator in everyday life, but in front of a crowd as an auctioneer, he really managed to present himself and sell! MINOR LINES In addition to the four major lines, the heart line, the head line, the life line, and the destiny line, there are a number of subsidiary lines that must be observed. However, we do not read all the lines on the metacarpal, since many small lines are caused by nervous tension. Someone who is tense and nervous will have more lines in the palm of their hand than someone who is going with the flow. So when we see a hand completely covered with a multitude of fine lines, we know that person is tense and full of nervous energy. You will also see hands with few lines. They belong to people who do not worry unnecessarily and are generally relaxed. 30

32Hepatica Hepatica (red) The hepatica, or health line, runs diagonally across the palm, from the inside of the life line to the start of the heart line. Interestingly, not having such a line is an excellent sign. People without hepatitis are in exceptionally good health and rarely catch a cold. The absence of this line indicates a good constitution and little stress. If the line is there, it will likely be fairly obvious. This is a sign that the owner takes care of their own physical well-being and is in good health. If the liverwort is clear and runs all the way from the line of life to the hill of Mercury (the hill under the pinky), this is an indication of longevity. Someone of this ancestry will watch out for health issues when necessary and easily outlive most of their contemporaries. A health line of varying quality indicates periods of health problems. It doesn't have to be a specific disease. The person may simply have periods of poor health. If the health line has islands or is faint and indistinct, this is a sign of poor health. These can usually be identified by looking at December 31st

33Lifeline quality. Islet can be an indication of problems with the digestive system. I've seen the quality of Health Lines improve tremendously simply with a change in diet. Breaks in the health line relate to sick leave. A line of health consisting of a series of small lines arranged in a step formation is an indication of a lack of energy and stamina. An asterisk on the health line, especially near the header, indicates infertility or problems during childbirth. A square on the health line is protection for the specified period. It is an extremely fortunate date that indicates a full recovery from the health problem. The Sun Line The Sun Line (Red) The Sun Line inspires its owners with confidence, charm and the potential for great success in their chosen field. Fame is a definite possibility. This line is also known as the Apollo line. William Benham called this the ability line because everyone is capable of great feats with it. 32

34However, the presence of a Sun Line does not guarantee success in all areas of life. It's usually career related. Consequently, someone of this lineage would likely enjoy an extremely successful and rewarding career. But at the same time, the person's home and family life can be a complete failure. The line of the sun runs parallel to the line of destiny. Ideally, it should start near the wrist and end below the third finger. However, this is very rare. Most sun lines are short, starting near the head line and progressing to the third finger. If the sun line starts close to the wrist but is too short, it shows the person got off to a brilliant start in their career but couldn't keep up. A strong sun line running clear and unmarked in the palm would indicate a life uniquely free from problems and obstacles. Life isn't usually like that, so people with the sun lineage are almost always flawed. An island on the sun line is an indication of scandal or loss of reputation. It is important to remember that the Linha do Sol offers potential for great success but does not show the industry. A master criminal may have a sun line that indicates success in crime. Usually, however, people with a sun line are honest. A cross on the sun line portends financial loss or disappointment. If the line of the sun continues beyond the cross, it shows that the person is recovering from the setback and is pursuing a successful career. A break in the sun line indicates a period when the person was not fully appreciated or recognized for their contributions. Plenty of pauses is an indication of great versatility, but the person is likely to spread their interests over a very wide range. People with this tend to lose interest in endeavors when they are on the verge of success. A square to the line of the sun is always a protection and helps a person to keep his good name. Protects a person from jealousy and malicious gossip. 33

35The monkey fold The monkey fold (red) The monkey fold occurs when the head line and heart line combine into a single line that runs across the palm. You will often find it in one hand and very rarely both. People with this line can be extremely strong willed and have trouble getting along with others. You are headstrong, very stubborn and have intense and highly complex emotions. They are very reasonable when discussing a matter, but once they have made up their minds, they will refuse to discuss the matter further. If this line is found on the small hand, the person grew up sheltered and doesn't like responsibility. He or she will have a keen interest in life and will pursue it with tremendous intensity. When this line is found on the main hand, the person is headstrong and has a strong physical appetite. He or she will find it difficult to relax and will likely be an achiever. 34


36When the monkey fold is found on both hands, the person goes their own way and needs little input from others. He or she will be stubborn and inflexible. On the gross side, with no positive signs, the person may become involved in criminal activity. If there are positive signs on the palm, the person will focus their energy on advancing their career, participating in sports competitions or other physical activities. THE THUMB The 2 phalanges of the thumb The thumb plays an important role in palmistry. I've seen palmists in India do most of their readings from an analysis of their clients' thumbs. There's a good reason for that. The thumb can provide a lot of useful information about a person's character. For example, it can tell us how the person will make decisions and how they will move forward. Humanity is the only animal blessed with opposable thumbs. Chimpanzees can get close, but their thumbs are very primitive compared to ours. A unique feature of our thumbs is the radial nerve, which is made up of the same nerve fiber in the middle of our brain. This nerve fiber also runs through our spine. 35

37This radial nerve is responsible for our superior thinking abilities that set us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. Thumb length The longer the thumb, the greater the success. Apparently Napoleon had an extremely large thumb. It's an interesting exercise to watch people's hands on TV. You will often find actors playing roles they could never have achieved in real life. An example of this would be someone with a small thumb playing the role of a successful business tycoon. In India, it is believed that the size of the thumb is directly related to the level of success a person will have in life. I find this interpretation a little too fatalistic, but there's no doubt that people with big thumbs often reach top positions. These people are generally more motivated, ambitious, and persistent than people with small thumbs. Charlotte Wolff studied the thumbs of successful people and found that most thumbs were of normal length. Certainly people with long thumbs will work a lot harder to get what they want than people with short thumbs. When you find someone with an extremely long thumb, that person is capable of taking a leadership role in any situation. This person is intelligent, determined and has a very strong willpower. People with short thumbs lack willpower. They can be stubborn, although often for no apparent reason. People with medium-length thumbs (reaching at least halfway down the phalanx of the index finger) are fair and stand their ground. They demonstrate common sense and possess reasonable willpower. If the thumb is wide when viewed from the side of the nail, the person is willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want. Someone with a big thumb will be extremely direct and blunt. This person will be stubborn and will want what they want at any cost. 36

38Sections of the Thumb The fingers and thumb are divided into three sections known as the phalanges. Joints divide the fingers into three phalanges, but the thumb appears to have two sections. The mount of Venus, the fleshy mound at the base of the thumb surrounded by the line of life, is called the third phalanx. Ideally, the first and second phalanges of the thumb should be of equal length. The first phalanx containing the miniature represents willpower and the second phalanx represents logic. Someone with equal length first and second phalanges possesses the same amount of logic and willpower. He or she will be able to come up with a good idea and then have the drive and energy to implement it. If the first phalanx is longer than the second, the individual has more willpower than logic. This person will make many mistakes, but he will pull himself together every time and keep going until he achieves his goal. This combination gives great determination. He or she will be willing to work long and hard but can also be dominant. The second joint of most people is longer than the first. This means that there is more logic than willpower. Someone with this combination will have many ideas but somehow never manage to put them into action. You will think, think, think and think some more. Everything is there except the motivation to act. This, of course, is why so many of us only achieve a tiny fraction of what we are capable of. Too much analysis causes paralysis. Flexibility Thumbs are firm or flexible. If it bends backwards from the joint, it is considered flexible. Someone with this trait will be easygoing, positive, and flexible. He or she will also collapse under pressure instead of creating a scene. 37

39If the thumb is stiff and does not bend back at the joint, it is classified as tight. Someone with this type of thumb will be determined, reliable, and stubborn. He or she will be unyielding and will not collapse under pressure. I worked as a salesman for many years and this knowledge was very useful for me. If I were dealing with a customer with a flexible thumb, I could push to close the sale. If I'm dealing with someone with a firm thumb, I wouldn't force it, but back off gently and try again later. If I had tried to pressure die-hard customers into making a sale, I would have failed and I would have created obstacles to subsequent success. THE FINGERS 4th finger of Mercury 3rd finger of Apollo 2nd finger of Saturn 1st finger of Jupiter After looking at the thumb, move on to the fingers. The fingers should be straight. When they bend, they get support from the other fingers. This means that the person underestimates themselves. The Phalanges The fingers are divided into three sections known as the phalanges. Ideally, each phalanx should be about the same length as the other 38

40phalanges on the same finger. If one phalanx is longer than the other two, the person uses the energies of that phalanx to the detriment of the others. If a phalanx is too short, the energy is dormant and not used. In palmistry we look for balance. The phalanx tip relates to intuition and spirituality. If all the finger joints are long at the tip, this indicates that the person is thoughtful and full of life. The middle phalanges relate to the intellect. If these phalanges are all long, the person is in good business. The base phalanx relates to the material aspects of life. If this phalanx is long, thick and swollen, then the person is rampant and greedy. Be careful not to confuse thick, swollen phalanxes with padded, slightly spongy phalanxes. Padded, slightly spongy phalanxes indicate the person enjoys good food and is generally an excellent cook. Even if this person doesn't like to cook, he or she will be above average and will always appreciate a tasty, well-prepared meal. 39

41THE MERCURY FINGER 4. Mercury finger You've probably noticed that different parts of the hand are named after planets. The little finger is named after the planet Mercury. In ancient times, Mercury was the winged messenger. Today the little finger is the communication finger. It also relates to activity and sex. This finger should reach the first knuckle of the third finger. If it takes longer, communication skills will improve. If it is shorter, the person will find it difficult to express their thoughts. If it is too short, the person will become emotionally immature, which will surely lead to sexual problems. The length of this finger is difficult. In many people it is placed deep in the palm of the hand. The other three fingers can be placed in a fairly straight line on the edge of the palm, but the pinky is placed a step below. The bigger the step, the bigger the ups and downs the person will experience. If your customer has such a small finger, you can say: 40

42They have what is called a hanging pinky, as it is much shorter than the others. This means that everything is going well for you for a long time, and then you suddenly get into a situation and have to get out of it. It means learning the hard way, learning through experience. Like all other fingers, the Mercury finger should be straight. This shows that the person is fundamentally honest. If it looks bent or even slightly twisted, this is an indication of possible dishonesty. I have observed this formation at several money changers in India. When I see this in hand, I always advise a person to be very careful and honest in all financial dealings. The Phalanges Now let's look at the relative lengths of the three phalanges. The tip of the phalanx determines verbal communication and is by far the longest in most people's hands. People with long, pointed phalanxes on the pinky finger are better at expressing themselves through speech. It is a highly desirable quality for salespeople, radio and television announcers, teachers, or anyone whose career involves a lot of public speaking. If the top limb is short, the person will have difficulty learning and will have great trouble expressing themselves. Often the second phalanx is very small. This phalanx regulates written communication. People with very small second phalanges do everything they can to keep their thoughts off the paper. People with large second phalanges often like to express themselves in this way. You will find a sizeable second phalanx in writers and people who like to write letters, respectively. You will also find this larger phalanx in people who can explain something in writing more easily than describe it orally. Often these people know they have skills in this area but do nothing to develop them. A large second phalanx also shows that the person can start something and see it through to the end without losing interest midway. On the other hand, if this section is too small, the person lacks organizational skills. 41

43The third phalanx or base relates to the material world, specifically money. If this phalanx is the largest, then the person will love money for money. This person will be very persuasive and also willing to bend the truth if it suits their needs. THE FINGER OF APOLLO 3. The finger of Apollo The third finger is called the finger of Apollo or the sun. It represents beauty and creativity. This finger should reach halfway down the nail of Saturn's finger (second) and be about the same length as Jupiter's finger (first). If it takes longer, the person is very creative. A long Apollo finger is often associated with gambling. This can be expressed by taking risks instead of playing cards or horses. The phalanges Most people have phalanges of about the same length on the Apollo finger. You appreciate fine things with a comfortable and pleasant environment. 42

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