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Penny Fitzgerald
  • "The Shell" still
  • Temporada 2 - "The Shell"
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Penny Fitzgerald | The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki - Fandom (3)Penny Fitzgerald | The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki - Fandom (4)Penny Fitzgerald | The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki - Fandom (5)Penny Fitzgerald | The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki - Fandom (6)Penny Fitzgerald | The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki - Fandom (7)
character information
Genre: female ♀
Species: Shapeshifting fairy (formerly in her shell)
Age: 12
Friends: Gumball (boyfriend), Darwin, Masami, Teri, Molly, Carrie, Alan, Carmen, Rachel, Leslie (cousin), Sussie, Sarah, Nicole, Tina (possibly)
enemies: Jamie, Miss Simian, Tobias, Jealousy, The Animals of the Forest
Related: Patrick (father), Judith (mother) Polly (younger sister), Mr. Cuddles (pet), Leslie (cousin), an unnamed paternal grandmother
Profession: Student, school cheerleader
First impression: "The third"
Voice: Teresa Gallagher, Maisy Luk ("The Disaster")
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color scheme
fireplace Shoes (seasons 1–3) Eye Shell (seasons 1-3)

Penny Fitzgerald is a supporting character inThe Amazing World of Gumball🇧🇷 She is a shape-shifting fairy, formerly in a peanut shell, who is in Miss Simian's class at Elmore Junior High.

(Video) The ULTIMATE Gumball Iceberg Explained

Gumball and Penny have always had a huge crush on each other, but the two have always struggled to express their feelings until the events of "The Shell", when Gumball finally confesses his feelings to her and the two share a kiss. The two have been together since that moment. She was part of the Treehouse Girls until they broke up because Tobias and Banana Joe's treehouse was knocked down. She is on the school's cheerleading team.


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From the first season until "The Shell", Penny appeared to be an anthropomorphic peanut with horns. Like the rest of her family, she had a light brown carapace and brown horns growing from her head. His arms and legs were also light brown. In her initial concept, she had no visible mouth and her horns were darker and had smaller holes with no visible eyelashes.

Like a holy peanut, Penny usually didn't wear much clothing other than a pair of orange and tan sneakers with white socks and brown and white bracelets. However, they are sometimes seen with white pompoms. As of "The Shell", she does not wear any clothing except white and red armbands and a headband when she practices her cheerleading routine or plays sports.

In Season 1, Penny had a straight, round shell similar to her father's, with prominent arm holes and protruding horns, and her shoes had a pair of thin lines with small circles on the sides for laces. Similar to other characters in her Season 1 appearances, she also had a black shadow on top of her shell legs.

In Season 2, Penny's shell design was slightly bent to resemble her sister and mother's, and seemingly made smaller. Her horns and limbs have also become darker and smaller, and the holes in the shell on her arms and where her horns come out are dramatically smaller. Like Darwin after Season 1, she loses an eyelash. As with other characters in her redesigns, the shadows on her legs are much lighter. Her laces are now thicker, colored white and no longer have eyelets. She maintains this appearance for the first few episodes of Season 3, until "The Shell".

The episode "The Shell" revealed that beneath her shell, Penny is a shape-shifting fairy-like creature. She can transform into certain creatures depending on her emotions, and most of the time the creatures have horns, except for her monster arm form and her gorgon form.

(Video) End of Year Video #1 2020

Its body takes on the shape of its shell somewhat, it has a round head with a slender body, and the upper half of its body acquires progressively lighter shades of yellow, orange, and sometimes pale pink.

Her real eyes and mouth can now be seen, and she also has visible white eyelashes connected to her eyes, which now have white sclera. She has orange-brown pupils and an orange mouth and eyebrows. Her body produces a slight glow, giving her skin a slightly reflective appearance. She also has wings that allow her to hover above the ground and fully fly, as seen in The Bros (to some extent) and The Shippening.

After the events of The Shell, Penny remains in her fairy form.


Penny is really nice and friendly. She often stands up for her friends, suggesting that she has a strong sense of integrity. This can be seen in "The Gi", where she becomes one of the few people not to give in to peer pressure and defends Gumball instead of ridiculing him. She also appears to be a rather selfless and forgiving person, as shown in The Bros where she was willing to sacrifice her relationship with Gumball to ensure that Darwin was happy and able to handle his own problems. She also didn't show anger when Darwin made several attempts to sabotage her relationship with Gumball, but rather sympathized with him.

She is one of the few people who understands Gumball, who she has a massive crush on. The feeling is mutual, but neither has ever had a chance to properly express their feelings, though it's clearly evident, that is, until The Shell.

However, Penny is also very sensitive as she is easily hurt. This can be seen in "The Meddler", where Gumball's accidental misspelling makes her cry and later disrupts her cheerleading performance. "The Tempest" shows this trait again, as she has nothing but cynicism after being tricked into believing that Gumball kissed Carmen on purpose. Penny also starts crying when Rob switches languages ​​in "The Disaster", making Gumball sound like he's yelling at her.

(Video) The Amazing World of Gumball Iceberg Explained

Her sensitive side is further illustrated when her true form is revealed in The Shell. Without her carapace, she is very confident and shy, running away from society believing that everyone thinks she is a monster. Worse, she transforms into said monster while on the run and fulfills their expectations. After Gumball helps her reconcile, she becomes more open and enthusiastic than before.

Penny, though not as much as Gumball, can resort to sarcasm. Typical sarcasm of hers is directed at Tobias and his pathetic attempts to court her. This can be seen in episodes such as "The Move" and "The Butterfly" where she deftly rejects his advances in order to get closer to him. She also seems to constantly downplay the conflict between Gumball and Tobias in "The Knights", and has nothing to share but apathy and biting.


Shapeshifting: When out of her shell, Penny can shapeshift into certain creatures based on her emotions, though previously she only shapeshifted when feeling specific emotions such as anger, sadness, or fear. In each form, she gains the abilities that form has, such as flying in the case of her dragon form, gargoyle form and her flying squirrel form, extreme strength in her minotaur form and monster arm form, and the ability to run quickly with her. jackalope and mouse shape.

Flight: Penny has a working pair of wings, but she was only seen using them in "The Bros" and "The Shippening" as only levitating twice.

to form

Since Penny is a shapeshifting fairy, she can change into certain creatures based on her feelings. In all forms, she has horns, except in two forms, her Gorgon form, where no horns are shown but are replaced by snakes, and her Monster Arm form, where no horns are shown (although this could be because only her arm is shown).

Penny Fitzgerald | The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki - Fandom (8)Penny in her normal fairy form.Penny Fitzgerald | The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki - Fandom (9)Penny in her Gremlin form.Penny Fitzgerald | The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki - Fandom (10)Penny in her monster arm form.Penny Fitzgerald | The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki - Fandom (11)Penny in her gargoyle form.Penny Fitzgerald | The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki - Fandom (12)Penny in her Jackalope form.Penny Fitzgerald | The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki - Fandom (13)Penny in her minotaur form.Penny Fitzgerald | The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki - Fandom (14)Penny in her boar form.Penny Fitzgerald | The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki - Fandom (15)Penny in her dragon form.Penny Fitzgerald | The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki - Fandom (16)Penny in her little ghost form.Penny Fitzgerald | The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki - Fandom (17)Penny in her furry creature form.Penny Fitzgerald | The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki - Fandom (18)Penny in her wolf form.Penny Fitzgerald | The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki - Fandom (19)Penny in her gorgon form.Penny Fitzgerald | The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki - Fandom (20)Penny in her flying squirrel form.Penny Fitzgerald | The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki - Fandom (21)Penny in her mouse form.

(Video) The Amazing World of Gumball Iceberg is CRAZY!


Main article: Penny Fitzgerald/Relationships


season 1

  • "The Third": His debut. She is seen in the schoolyard and later in the cafeteria.
  • "The End": His first speaking role. Gumball tries to marry her before the world ends.
  • "The Dress": She is one of the students who believes that Gumball is a girl in the dress.
  • "The Pressure": His first major role. She and Masami try to get Gumball and Darwin to become their respective friends.
  • "The Phantom": She is in the cafeteria. She is later told by Carrie (Gumball's owner) to stop looking at her.
  • "The Mystery": She is one of the students trying to solve the mystery.
  • "The Gi": She is one of the few people who doesn't give in to peer pressure and defends Gumball instead of ridiculing him.
  • "The Kiss": She appears to be rooting for Gumball.
  • "The Party": His second leading role. She tries to make Gumball her date to Rachel's party.
  • "The Robot": She kisses Bobert, believing him to be Gumball.
  • "The Picnic" (cameo)
  • "The Sock": She is in class.
  • "The Mustache": Can be seen in the girls' bathroom and later in the school's gym.
  • "The Date": His third leading role. She invites Gumball to Mr. Cuddles as he considers it date night.
  • "The Club": She can be seen at the synchronized swimming club.
  • "The Monkey": She jokes in class.
  • "The Curse": She makes an appearance in the mess hall.
  • "The Busybody": She tries out for the cheerleading squad and succeeds after Gumball overcomes her poor performance.
  • "The Helmet": She can be seen in the gym.
  • "The Fight": She cheers on Gumball and Tina's fight.

season 2

  • "The Knights": His fourth lead role. Tobias and Gumball fight over her.
  • "The Refrigerator": She is seen in a flashback with Teri and Carmen as Gumball gives her flowers, and later makes a cameo in another flashback with the marching band.
  • "The Flower": His fifth leading role. She dates Leslie, causing Gumball to be overcome with jealousy.
  • "The Banana": She is in class.
  • "The Phone": She appears on the school bus for a brief moment.
  • "The Excuse": She is disgusted by Ms. Ape.
  • "The Words": She makes a brief appearance on the school bus and later appears in one of Tobias' pictures.
  • "The Skull": She can be seen in the hallway and later talks briefly with Gumball on the bus.
  • "The Bet": She is in class.
  • "Christmas": She is saddened when Gumball turns off her family's Christmas lights.
  • "The Clock": Can be seen in the cantina.
  • "The Hillbilly": She watches as Hector shoots Gumball in the air.
  • "The Virus" (mentioned)
  • "The Hero": She briefly appears in the classroom in a flashback.
  • "The Dream": His sixth lead role. She is kissed by Darwin in one of Gumball's dreams.
  • "The Sidekick": It's in the yearbook and then in the cafeteria.
  • "The Photo": She looks at her photo in the hallway and later helps Tina be a cheerleader.
  • "The Storm": She berates Gumball when she thinks he kissed Carmen, but later reconciles with him to join his crusade against Masami's emotional storm.
  • "The Voice": Darwin apologizes to her for chewing gum.
  • "The Promise" (special appearance)
  • "The Boombox": She is with Leslie and Carmen.
  • "The Tape": She looks at Gumball.
  • "The Sweaters": She accidentally convinces Gumball to fight Carlton and Troy and is later seen watching them in the crowd.
  • "The World": She is seen having a picnic with her family.
  • "The Finale": She gasps as she sees her father fight Richard.

session 3

  • "The Children": She asks Gumball why he hasn't called her.
  • "The Fan" (special appearance)
  • The Coach: She is surprised when Jamie apologizes to Gumball.
  • "The Joy": She is one of the students who contracted the Joy virus.
  • "The Recipe": She appears on the school bus.
  • "The Name": Zach flirts with her.
  • "The Extras" (cameo)
  • "The Fraud": She appears to be talking to Carmen and Sarah
  • "The Void": She overhears Gumball talking about Molly.
  • "The Move": She is seen in the library where Tobias is trying to flirt with her.
  • "The Allergy" (cameo)
  • "The Mothers": She is in class.
  • "The Shell": His seventh lead role. Its shell is opened by Gumball, revealing its true form.
  • "The Burden": She has a date with Gumball.
  • "The Bros": His eighth leading role. Darwin tries to destroy his relationship with Gumball.
  • "The Mirror": She is in class. She and Gumball flirt with each other using hand gestures.
  • "The Butterfly": She is in class. She rejects Tobias' "Chick Magnet" dance.
  • "The Security": She is seen on one of Darwin's security cameras.
  • "The Fellowship": She briefly appears in the schoolyard.
  • "The Spoiler": She is on the phone with Gumball.
  • "The Countdown" (cameo/shell): She's on the school bus.
  • "The Depressed" (mentioned)

Season 4

  • "The Return": She is seen on the school bus and in class.
  • "The Others": She is briefly seen at the end of Clare's party.
  • "The Plague": She and Carmen walk past Gumball, Darwin, and Anais.
  • "The Romantic": His ninth leading role. She follows Gumball's clues on a mission.
  • "The Uploads": She can be seen in the "William Exam Fail" video in class.
  • "The Apprentice": She wishes Patrick's presentation every success.
  • "The Embrace": Can be seen in the schoolyard.
  • "The Traitor" (mentioned)
  • "The Love": She is one of the people singing "What is Love?"
  • "The Strangeness" (mentioned)
  • "The Nest" (mentioned)
  • "The Night": She is seen on the school bus in Hector's dream.
  • "The Misunderstandings": His tenth leading role. She waits for Gumball at dinner at the mall.
  • "The Guilt": She takes Gumball and his classmates to the library and then to the auditorium, where they rebel against their parents and sing "Books Are Violent".
  • "The Slap": She can be seen in the schoolyard.
  • "The Fury": She can be seen in class.
  • "The Compilation": She is one of the people singing "Weird Like You And Me".
  • "The Disaster": She is pushed from the top floor of the mall by Gumball.

season 5

  • "The Reprise": She is pushed from the top floor of the mall by Gumball.
  • "The Vision": She is one of the students who vote for Alan in his vision.
  • "The Test": She is seen in class and later talking to Tobias in the park during Gumball's dream sequence.
  • "The Loophole": She is one of the students who drops out of Ms. Ape.
  • "The Outside" (mentioned as a tattoo)
  • "The Matchmaker": She can be seen in the schoolyard.
  • "The Console": The phone she bought from the Awesome Store takes control of her. She is later rescued by Gumball.
  • "The Catfish": She is seen in the classroom and later in a painting class.
  • "The Notes": She can be seen in the classroom.
  • "The Ex": His eleventh leading role. She tries to help Gumball deal with the fact that Rob is no longer her enemy.
  • "The Sorcerer": She can be seen on the sports field.
  • "The Uncle": She is seen in class during "Goodbye".
  • "The Weirdo": She is in the schoolyard.
  • "The Best": She can be seen in the schoolyard, on the bus, and at the Joyful Burger as Darwin slaps her phone and then kisses her on the cheek.
  • "The Petals": She is in the hallway and later explains the "Cheerleader Effect" to Gumball, Darwin, and Leslie.
  • "The News": She makes a cameo when Mike reports that the Wattersons' house is on fire.
  • "The Puppets": She appears on the school bus.

season 6

  • "The One": A picture of her in her Season 1 design can be seen in Gumball's gym locker.
  • "The Cringe": She is talking to Sarah in the hall. She is also seen being married to Gumball and giving birth to their first child.
  • "The Neighbor": She can be seen in the classroom.
  • "The Pact": She develops an odd laugh that serves as the basis for Gumball and Principal Brown's pact. She is also seen twice in the schoolyard, exiting Ms. Ape and later appearing at the end of the episode facing Gumball and Principal Brown.
  • "The Shippening": Sarah ships them with Banana Joe.
  • "The Spinoffs": She appears in the school hallway along with Sarah.
  • "The Metamorphosis": His twelfth leading role. She fights with her parents over a personal dispute over whether or not to continue the affair.
  • "The Understanding": She looks at Peter.
  • "The Stink": She is in class when Principal Brown informs the students of Mr. Small.
  • "The Drama" (mentioned)
  • "The Friend": She is in the schoolyard.
  • "The Silence" (cameo/shell): She's on the school bus once again.
  • "The Future": She is in a painting with Gumball.
  • "The Factory": She is in Gumball's hallucinations.
  • "The Agent": His silhouette can be seen in the credits of "Swim Club".
  • "The Mess": His thirteenth and final leading role. She asks Gumball to babysit Polly and then makes her explain what happened.
  • "The Decisions" (cameo/shell): She's on the bus.
  • "The Inquisition": She transforms into a human.


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  • The Amazing World of Gumball 2015 Special Grab Bag
  • The Amazing World of Gumball Vol. 1: Problems in Fairy Tales
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  • The Amazing World of Gumball 2016 Special Grab Bag


  • Teresa Gallagher (UK/US/AUS/NZ/CAN)
  • Alina Galindo (Latin America)
  • Mai Yamane (Japan)
  • Bruna Laynes (Brazil)
  • Kriszta Németh (Hungary, Staffeln 1–3)
  • Éva Dögei (Hungary, season 4–present)
  • Afrodita Androne (Romania, seasons 1–3)
  • Carmen Lopăzan (Romania, season 4–present)
  • Orly Tagar (Israel)
  • Bronislava Kazantseva (Russia, Staffel 1-4)
  • Irina Kilfin (Russia, season 5)
  • Lina Ivanova (Russia, Season 6)
  • Tatiana Shitova (Russia, Season 6)
  • Ludovica Bebi (Italian, temporadas 1-4 and 6)
  • Antonella Rinaldi (Italian, 5th season)
  • Lina Ljungqvist (Sweden)
  • Sara Nordahl (Iceland)
  • Susa Oukko (Finland)
  • Joanna Pach (Poland, season 2-present)
  • Anneke Beukman (Holland)
  • Seda Özelsoy (Turkey)


Penny Fitzgerald | The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki - Fandom (22)Click here to view the gallery.


Main article: Penny Fitzgerald/Quotations


  • Penny was originally releasedNickelodeonlike a potential mascot that had a gun. [1]
  • Penny is allergic to blueberries, as seen and revealed in The Dream. She mentions this allergy again on The Voice. Then she is seen again in "The Romantic".
  • NoExonaut Project, Penny is available as an Exosuit for 1,000 coins.
  • As seen in The Club, Penny is a member of the synchronized swimming club, which also includes Darwin, Leslie, and an unnamed dog.
  • She had the most leading roles of any non-Watterson character at age thirteen.
  • Early in their development, they had darker horns.
  • It is said in The Flower that his tonsils were not removed.
    • In the same episode, it is revealed that Leslie is her cousin.
  • In "The Void", it is shown that when she falls from a great height, her limbs can fall off in her peanut form.
  • In "The Romantic", it is revealed that Penny and Gumball met at the mall.
    • In the same episode, it is revealed that she first spoke to Gumball on the school bus.
  • In the Icelandic dub, Penny was renamed "Jenný" because "Penny" is not appropriate for the Icelandic declension.
    • She was renamed "Nocciolina" in the Italian dub.
  • She often chokes in front of Gumball, who is unaware that she is choking.
  • Although she can only transform depending on her emotions, as stated in "The Romantic", she transforms into her wolf form during "Books Are Violent", despite not feeling emotional at all.
    • It is possible that, by the time of this episode, Penny had gained better control over her powers.
  • She is one of two characters who canonically undergo a permanent physical transformation on the show, the other being Rob.
  • Penny's Gorgon form was cut in some dubs.
  • She is the only member of her family to come out of her shell.
  • Penny's furry creature form bears a striking resemblance to the shadowy figure seen at the end of the comic.


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Does Penny have a crush on Gumball? ›

Gumball and Penny have always had massive crushes on each other, but the two of them had always struggled to express their feelings until the events of the episode "The Shell," when Gumball finally confesses his feelings to her, and the two kiss. The two have been dating as of that moment.

Why does Penny have horns? ›

Like the rest of her family, she had a set of antlers that grow out of her head. In Season 3, the episode "The Shell" revealed that Penny underneath her shell is a shape-shifting, fairy-like creature. She can transform into any animal, and every time, the animal has a set of antlers.

Why is Penny glowing? ›

A copper penny is heated and suspended above the surface of acetone in a beaker. The copper demonstrates heterogenous catalysis in the combustion of acetone to carbon dioxide and water. This exotherm keeps the penny glowing.

What is Penny Fitzgerald allergic to? ›

Call-Back: Gumball orders Penny peanut and blueberry ice cream, but then remembers her blueberry allergy from "The Dream". For the finale, Gumball tries to recreate the moment of their first kiss from "The Shell".

Does Penny ever get pregnant? ›

Season 12 of the show saw the couple conflicted about whether or not to have children, with Penny initially being against the idea, before becoming unexpectedly pregnant in the season finale. While the finale proved to be popular amongs fans, Cuoco wanted her character to remain childless.

Who does Penny marry? ›

At the beginning of season nine, Leonard and Penny marry, although not without some initial problems. They both reveal that they were subconsciously trying to sabotage their relationship, feeling unworthy of the other.

Who slept with Penny? ›

The day after Penny and Raj slept together and Leonard found out that Priya is moving back to India, the men have a tense lunch at the cafeteria where Howard and Leonard are both annoyed that Raj had sex with Penny, and Raj tries to defend himself by saying that they are in love.

What is Penny's last name? ›

Through her marriage, Molaro continued, Penny's last name "will always be Hofstadter." It's possible that the Big Bang Theory cast felt that Penny's surname couldn't possibly live up to fan expectations because of the intense pressure from the audience.

What is Penny's original last name? ›

As spotted by u/Quell_Alma on Reddit, in The Big Bang Theory season 2, episode 18, "The Work Song Nanocluster," Penny's last name was Teller before she became a Hofstadter.

Why did Penny lose her shell? ›

Gumball accidentally breaks Penny's shell open during a school play and, despite her father trying to keep her and Gumball apart for what she did (even going as far as to plan on having her transferred to a new school), urges Penny to break from her shell to see what she's like beneath it.

Does Penny become smart? ›

Penny doesn't have the extensive list of qualifications and achievements that the rest of her friend group has, but she is intelligent in her own right. Penny works in pharmaceuticals and proves her intelligence by performing well in the role.

Why does a penny look red? ›

As pennies are handled from month to month, they dull and become the more familiar brown tone. When someone talks about a red penny in a collection sense, they are simply saying that the penny hasn't been handled excessively, and so is still untarnished.

Who is allergic to nickel? ›

Nickel allergy affects about 10% of the people in the US. The rash often becomes evident when you get your ears pierced. In some people, it is causes headaches and other problems. There is no cure for nickel allergy.

What episode did Darwin kiss Penny? ›

Darwin kisses Penny in one of Gumball's dreams and the latter bashes Darwin for it.

What is the rarest thing to be allergic to? ›

The Rarest (And Strangest) Allergies

Water: Medically known as aquagenic urticaria, patients with a water allergy develop painful hives and rashes when their skin is exposed to water. An allergic reaction will develop regardless of the water temperature, and even when the water is purified.

Who got Penny pregnant? ›

During the conversation, Baby learns that Robbie, who is supposedly dating her sister, is responsible for Penny's pregnancy.

Did Penny get married? ›

On the show, Penny and Leonard eventually get married — twice. Both actors say those scenes weren't weird.

Why did Penny not want kids? ›

Leonard was excited while Penny was terrified at first as she didn't wanted kids because she thought she would be a horrible mother, but after a while she became just as excited as Leonard is in her own way.

Does Penny get a boyfriend? ›

Seasons. Zack Johnson is an on-and-off boyfriend of Penny's who first appeared in "The Lunar Excitation" (S03E23). He and Penny once got married on a whim while in Las Vegas.

What is Penny short for? ›

Origin of Penny

Originally a pet form of Penelope, Penny is also bestowed as an independent given name. Its use in the U.S. is reinforced by the word penny, which refers to the one-cent coin.

Does Penny have a daughter? ›

Penny and Leonard have an unnamed child in the series finale 'The Stockholm Syndrome'. The soon-to-be-parents are excited at the news but fans were left confused as Penny had always stood by the fact she never wanted children.

Who was Penny's first boyfriend? ›

In 2010, Smith joined the cast of comedy series The Big Bang Theory in a recurring role, portraying Penny's ingenuous ex-boyfriend, Zack Johnson. He continued to recur on the show until its 12th and final season in 2019 (S12E12 and S12E25).

Is Amy jealous of Penny? ›

While Amy's obsession with Penny was known early on, Penny didn't admit Amy was her best friend until Amy and Sheldon started planning their wedding. And although the two are close as can be by the 12th season, Amy showed many signs of jealousy with Penny.

Did Penny date Stuart? ›

Stuart went on two dates with Penny, which of course irritated Leonard to no end even though she and Leonard were not currently in a relationship. The first date was in "The Hofstadter Isotope". The second date in "The Classified Materials Turbulence", Stuart looked to Leonard for advice in dealing with Penny.

Is Penny male or female? ›

The name Penny is both a boy's name and a girl's name of English origin.

What is Penny's tattoo? ›

Sheldon (Jim Parsons) asks Penny (Kaley Cuoco) why she has the Chinese word "soup" tattooed on her right buttock and Penny claims it's "courage". The words "soup" and "courage" in Chinese have similar pronunciation (they both sound like TOUNG or TAUNG).

Who is Pennys dad? ›

Keith Carradine Cast as Penny's Father on The Big Bang Theory - IMDb.

Does Penny have a sister? ›

Seasons. Lisa Teller is the sister of Penny and Randall and the other daughter of Wyatt and Susan.

Did they change Penny's dad? ›

It was confirmed in August that after 12 long seasons, The Big Bang Theory will be ending, though one of Penny's family members is returning before the CBS comedy exits for good. Keith Carradine will be back as Penny's dad Wyatt, TVLine reports. "Wyatt is back, for a moment, anyway" Carradine said.

Does Penny have a maiden name? ›

Funny enough, Teller wasn't the only maiden name assigned to Penny. “Very early on, I remember looking at the mail in a scene and it said Penny London,” Jim Parsons reveals. “We all found it amusing in a charming way that the prop master had given her his last name.”

What two episodes did Penny miss? ›

During the season, Kaley Cuoco's character Penny was absent from episodes 5 and 6 after she fell off a horse and the horse broke her leg. When returning to the series, she was shown working as a bartender instead of waitressing at her usual workplace, The Cheesecake Factory, to hide her injury.

Why does Penny look like that? ›

The shield on the reverse (tails) represents Lincoln's preservation of the United States as a single country. The penny was one of the first coins made by the U.S. Mint after its establishment in 1792. The design on the first penny was of a woman with flowing hair symbolizing liberty.

Why did Penny change her clothes? ›

The actress claimed, as her character “grew up“ she became more vocal with wardrobe choices as she wanted it to reflect her. Kaley did so by switching the sexualised outfit for long-sleeve shirts, "slacks" and "loafers," which she admitted was more comfortable.

What is Penny IQ? ›

As far as IQ levels are concerned, Penny scores a low 97. Scoring below a 100 puts a person in the lower percentile in the world in intelligence levels, and Penny falling under this pretty much handed Sheldon a loaded gun.

What is Amy's IQ? ›

IQ Score: 180

Though Amy's IQ is never explicitly stated in the show, it is possible to assume that she is one of the group's more brilliant members.

Is Penny a good person? ›

At the start, Penny was bubbly, naive, and open to learning new things from her friends over in apartment 4A. But as time goes on, Penny appears to be cynical, judgmental, and unhappy. Some would even say that her character got worse and worse as the season continued on.

How rare is a red penny? ›

How much are Penny Reds worth? With more than 21 billion Penny Reds produced and used, the truth is that they are NOT rare – and usually NOT very valuable. If you own an imperforate Penny Red stamp in good condition, expect it to be worth between 50p to £5.

Why did my penny turn black? ›

When oxygen binds with copper, they form a new molecule known as copper oxide. Copper oxide is brownish or sometimes black in color (depending on other things in the penny's environment). This is why most pennies you see look dirty or tarnished—it's not actually dirt but copper oxide that makes them look so dull.

What is the real color of a penny? ›

Copper is a reddish brown color that resembles the metal copper. The first recorded use of copper as a color name in English was in 1594.

Is nickel toxic to humans? ›

Nickel (Ni) is a hard, silvery-white metal that may cause irritation to the skin. Exposure can harm the lungs, stomach, and kidneys. Exposure to nickel may lead to cancer. Workers may be harmed from exposure to nickel.

Am I allergic to silver? ›

Symptoms of sterling silver allergy, as well as other types of contact dermatitis, include: Red, itchy rash. Dry, cracked, or scaly skin. Swelling, burning, or tenderness.

Am I allergic to my earrings? ›

If earrings make your earlobes itch or your necklace leaves a rash around your neck, you may be allergic to nickel. It's one of the most common skin allergies, in part because nickel is used in so many things, including jewelry, cell phones, coins, zippers, eyeglass frames, belt buckles, and keys.

Who has a crush on Darwin? ›

Sarah has a huge crush on Darwin (and Gumball) and cannot help but stalk him. But unlike Gumball, Darwin is much more patient with Sarah, such as in "The Fan," when Gumball and Darwin hurt her feelings and sent her away, Darwin immediately regretted his actions and wanted to make it up to her.

Does Darwin have a love interest? ›

Darwin is in a relationship with Carrie, as of "The Matchmaker." Darwin is shown to have a major crush on her in previous episodes, such as "Halloween," "The Oracle," and "The Scam." In "The Oracle," he appears to be embarrassed about it.

Did Gumball kiss Penny? ›

This is the best episode of the third season of the amazing world of Gumball, here Penny comes out of his shell, as the title already says, and Gumball is responsible, and ends with the two kissing, without a doubt, it is one. .

Who is allergic to water? ›

Can someone be allergic to water? It may seem like a strange question, but the answer is “yes.” There is a very rare condition known as aquagenic urticaria (AU) where skin contact with water causes itchy, red hives or swelling. In severe cases, it can cause wheezing or shortness of breath.

What is no one allergic to? ›

As far as we can tell, there has never been a reported case of anyone being allergic to oxygen. But, that's not to say it could never happen. So, maybe no one has ever been allergic to oxygen, but just about everything else has the potential to cause an allergic reaction.

Is there a person who allergic to human? ›

It has been used for humorous affect in movies and television, but can one person really be allergic to another human being? The answer is “yes,” but it is extraordinarily rare. The reality is that there are dozens of things people walk around with that can cause allergic reactions in others.

Who did Penny Proud have a crush on? ›

Oscar uses Peabo to listen in on Penny's conversation about her having a crush on a boy, Tory. Oscar uses Peabo to listen in on Penny's conversation about her having a crush on a boy, Tory.

Who is the crush of Gumball? ›

Penny Fitzgerald (voiced by Teresa Gallagher) is a shape-shifting fairy (formerly a peanut with antlers) and classmate of Gumball who belatedly becomes his girlfriend.

Who did Penny sleep with? ›

The day after Penny and Raj slept together and Leonard found out that Priya is moving back to India, the men have a tense lunch at the cafeteria where Howard and Leonard are both annoyed that Raj had sex with Penny, and Raj tries to defend himself by saying that they are in love.

Is Penny Proud 16 years old? ›

Penny is the show's 14 (later 16) year-old female protagonist who is usually embarrassed by the way her father, Oscar Proud, acts. She is a normal teenager who is trying to have the life that she dreams for, despite her parents forbidding her to go on dates with boys.

Is Penny Proud half black? ›

Penny is a 14-year-old African-American girl of a light brown complexion.

Did Sticky have a crush on Penny? ›

He is Penny's male friend and Dijonay's love interest, although he dislikes her rather strong come-ons. Though he does have feelings for her, he only let those show once in one episode.

Is Leslie the LGBT Gumball? ›

As early as Season 1, & as late as Gumball Chronicles, Leslie has been shown to be gay all throughout the series.

Is Leslie Gumball a girl? ›

Leslie. Leslie is a delicate, gentle flower-boy who plays the flute in the school band.

Is Gumball a cat or bunny? ›

The Watterson family are anthropomorphic animals, and are quite unusual; they consist of two rabbits, two cats, and a goldfish. Gumball and Nicole are both blue cats, while Anais and Richard are both pink rabbits.

Who is Penny shipped with? ›

Penny x MC is the non-binary ship between Penny Haywood and Jacob's sibling from the Harry Potter fandom.

How many people did Penny sleep with? ›

6/15 How Many Boyfriends Did She Have? The numbers never lie when they're being calculated by a guy with a 187 IQ, and Sheldon calculated that, as of Season 4's premiere, Penny had been on dates with over 190 men, of whom she had had intimate relations with 31 men.

Does Penny ever get married? ›

Penny and Leonard's relationship was one of The Big Bang Theory's ongoing storylines. Fans were glued to their screens to find out if they would eventually end up together. After years of being on-and-off, friends to lovers, the two eventually got married in season 9.


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