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Traditional songs of praise and worship are still sung in churches around the world today, touching people's hearts. More than ever, these songs are about the struggles and joys of being a Christian today. Whether you're going through tough times or just praising God for a job well done, traditional songs of praise and worship are a great source of strength.

Traditional praise and worship songs have been around for hundreds of years. Although the style has evolved over time, traditional praise and worship music is still a staple in many churches today.

If you look for traditional praise and worship songs, you'll find that they tend to be more intimate than other genres. This style usually focuses on God and His glory, but can also be used to express gratitude and honor.

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By: KFA January 23, 2017 Music
11 Old Christian Songs That Still Bring Down Houses
At times we can become so engrossed in the latest music by Chris Tomlin or Lauren Daigle that Christian music fans lose sight of some of the ancient Christian hymns that were firmly entrenched in traditional Christian worship. No matter what type of church or service you attend, there's a good chance that the newer Christian hymns have become a welcome addition to the old hymns.

When it comes to music, everyone has their preferences. The reception of certain early Christian hymns can depend on where you were when you first heard them or on the meaning of the words in your own life. Listed below are some of the best hymns to ever come out of the church. Whether you know them or not, it never hurts to come back and listen to them.

It is safe to say that many believers experience a sea change in their lives when they commit themselves to Jesus Christ. "Jesus Paid It All" is a hymn that affirms the atoning power of Christ's sacrifice and leaves no room for doubt or argument.

(Video) OLA LEWO LASO Shola Allyson

This song has been covered many times over the years, so there's often a particular version that stands out in every generation. For today's listeners, this version by Kristian Stanfill is one of the most popular. The phrase "Oh, praise be to him who paid my debt and raised this life from the dead" is the exclamation mark of Stanfill's rendition of this beautiful hymn.

Another ancient Christian song that speaks of the powerful change that takes place at conversion is "Amazing Grace." This song has been played far too many times in almost every movie or TV show, but it's easily one of the best anthems ever written.

Written by a man who previously participated in the Atlantean slave trade, the song illustrates how God's grace is so powerful it can transform any life. God has the power to bring the blind and the dead back to life, so what hope can your sin have to hold you back?

There are about a million versions of this song, but here's one by country singer Alan Jackson that will blow your mind.

Ancient hymns often focus on specific aspects of God. The first two songs on this list focused on the power of redemption. With "how great art thou" we simply regard God as the supreme being. Like standing at the rim of the Grand Canyon and taking it all in, this song is a response to the greatness of who God is.

If you've ever attended an old country church, you'll probably be amazed when the congregation plays the line "Thus sings my soul...".

We can also use old Christian songs to deal with difficult situations and to say to God "Thy will be done". This song was originally composed in the late 19th century by a man facing financial ruin and losing his daughters at sea.


Musically, the song is wonderfully moving, but the most important thing is the message. No matter what happens in our lives, good or bad, God is in control. He takes care of us and his hands are at work. "It Is Well With My Soul" is a powerful song no matter who sings it, but it's hard to talk about classic anthems and not cite the Gaithers as a reference. Here's a great version of the song from a few years ago.

Known primarily for its chorus, this anthem is great for its simplicity. When the world is moving so fast it's hard to keep up, if only we keep our eyes on Christ we will be at peace. When we hunger for truth or need reminding of our calling, looking up to heaven is a sure fix.

This song can be sung in a large arena like the video below or in a small church on a Sunday night and still have the same impact. Let's never forget where to look.

11 Old Christian Songs That Still Bring Down Houses
Sometimes you just need a good country classic. "I'll Fly Away" is one of the most famous gospel songs of all time. It's also one of the few Christian hymns perfectly paired with a fiddle and banjo.

Whether you're going the traditional choral route or playing bluegrass, this is a fun song to sing. "Fun" might not always be the word you want to use for old Christian songs, but the main point of "I'll Fly Away" is that death is not a morbid subject for believers. While there is an element of sadness in the death of a loved one, we need to remember that Christians don't just live for the here and now.

Here's a great combination Crowder did of the song with "I Saw the Light" at the Georgia Dome a few years ago.

It is hard to compete with a song so melodically presenting the many attributes of God. "Holy, Holy, Holy" is like a triumphant entry song of a great king. The words reveal God's perfect nature in a way that few songs can effectively.

(Video) True Worship is not Song but This. Dr. Abel Damina

While the song is beautiful solo, it takes on a special life when played by a full choir. Despite this, the way Audrey Assad plays her in this video is very intimate.

One of the greatest sources of hope for believers is that God is faithful. Even if we don't see it for a while, God is constantly at work all over the world. He fulfills our requests and dreams in due time.

"Great Is Your Faithfulness" is a song of gratitude that has a vulnerable honesty. When we consider the blessings of God that surround us in the world today, it can be truly overwhelming. This anthem made big waves in pop culture when Jordan Smith sang it so beautifully on The Voice.

The best songs of praise

Written by a blind woman in the 1870s, Blessed Assurance is a call for believers to remember their inheritance with Christ. This sweet melody reminds us that we have a benefactor who watches over us and cares deeply for us.

This is another old Christian song that has been revived over the years. The following video is a version of Elevation Worship

(Video) GUC wedding tuned into a revival and a concert | SHOCKING | Never seen before

A little younger than these other old Christian songs, "Oh What a Savior" was written almost 60 years ago. The song wonders about the existence of a savior who would leave heaven, live a perfect life, and pay for our sins.

This is one of those songs that really allows a singer and/or choir to show off. It's a powerful song in its own right, but with a little talent behind the mic it can be a very special experience. Check out the boys singing talent in the video below and you'll know what we're talking about.

Crown him with many crowns
Much like "Holy, Holy, Holy," this anthem is one that gives all its due glory. To truly appreciate this classic, you need a great choir or a very vocal congregation. The full version of the song is a whopping 12 stanzas, but there are several shorter iterations.

Again, this is the kind of music one would expect at the coronation of the king. Where better to hear it sung than Westminster Abbey? Check out the video below from the early 2000s and you'll understand the greatness of this anthem.

As any anthem lover knows, there are hundreds (if not thousands) out there. While this is not an exhaustive list, we hope it has brought to mind some of the ancient Christian hymns that you enjoy hearing at church. At the K-LOVE Fan Awards, we know that music is a big part of worship. Christian music is a part of everyday life that we all love and cherish. That's why every year we honor artists and authors who make a difference in the Christian community.

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