Will Gumball stay with Penny? (2023)

When Penny left their relationship, Gumball's friendship with Darwin improved. After the search, Penny forgives Gumball and advises him to moderate his romantic gestures and not get too emotional in their relationship, showing that Gumball and Penny have a messy relationship but are still together.


  1. Does Gumball end up like Penny?
  2. Penny kisses bubble gum?
  3. Does Penny have a crush on Gumball?
  4. How long have Penny and Gumball been together?
  5. In The Amazing World of Gumball, why is Gumball mad at Darwin?
  6. Gumball married Penny?
  7. How did Penny get rid of Fitzgerald Gumball?

Penny kisses bubble gum?

Gumball was clearly trying to protect Penny throughout the episode and at the end of the episode Gumball kissed Penny and showed ityour genuine affectionfor each. He doesn't like kissing girls who eat worms anymore, but that might be because she ate her worm late at night when no one was around.

Does Penny have a crush on Gumball?

Gumball and Penny have always had a crush on each other, but they always fail to share their thoughts until the events of The Shell, when Gumball finally confesses his affection for her and the two kiss. Out ofthis point, the two were together. However, things later turn sour when it is revealed that Penny was actually attracted to Darwin's behavior towards Gumballs and breaks up with him.

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But three years later, in The Sting, Penny finds Gumball again, asking him to help her win Darwin's heart. This time she succeeds and the two get back together.

In "The Break-Up", they break up for good after it is revealed that they are both dating other people. But they have remained friends ever since.

Penny never married or had children. She lives with her pet cat namedTom Servowho acts as his sidekick throughout the series.

As you can see, Penny is very shy and doesn't like to talk about herself or her feelings. That's probably why she and Gumball haven't talked about it much.your relationshipover the years. However, they seem to hit it off and remain close friends to this day. So there you have it, the story of Penny Woods.

How long have Penny and Gumball been together?

They broke up for a while on The Tape, so they were both involvedother people, but by the end of this episode they decide to get back together.

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They ended their relationship for good in The Wedding after finding out they were both marrieddifferent people. This time it was really over and there was no turning back. However insidethe last episode"The End" reveals that Penny has died. Gumball walks in deep sorrowher deathand creates a memorial for her near her home. He eventually gets over her death, but not before telling Darwin that if he ever marries again, it will be someone else too.

Gumball and Penny didn't get married, but they did get married to two people named Tom and Tina who look exactly like them. This explains why Gumball got married even though he was still engaged to Heidi. But despite that fact, he and Penny remain close friendsthis day.

Here are some scenes where you can see Penny and Gumball interacting with each other.

Penny appears in several episodes of the series.

In The Amazing World of Gumball, why is Gumball mad at Darwin?

Gumball and Darwin are on their way home after watching a DVD with Anais when they run off. Gumball tries to get Alan and Carmen back together after they broke up. Darwin angers Gumball when he sees him kissing Penny in a dream. Darwin begins to dislike being Gumball's sidekick. When they get home, they find that their house has been demolished and they are homeless.

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Gumball decides to build them a new house. However, this enrages Darwin, who believes that all animals should be free to roam as they please without their homes being destroyed by humans. When Gumball refuses to change his mind, Darwin goes to find someone who will let him live in their backyard. He ends up at the zoo where he meets two girls: Zooey and her sister Stella. They promise to give it to you if someone complains. After telling Gumball about this, he agrees to let Darwin live with the girls as long as no more houses are built for a year. When Gumball says he'll think about it, Darwin goes back to the girls, hoping they'll convince Gumball to change his mind.

Meanwhile at school...

Gumball begins to feel guilty for leaving Darwin alone, so he visits him every day. One day he learns from Darwin that the girls said nobody would complain if more houses were built so he confronted them about it but they told him not to worry.

Gumball married Penny?

Penny was coughing at the end of the episode, but Gumball misinterprets it and makes her angry at him. He leaned down and kissed her cheek. In the season 6 episode "The Cringe" there is a series of flashbacks to Gumball and Penny's wedding and finally to Penny's wedding.Newbornin Gumball's arms. It is revealed that the reason she always has a bad cough is that she is actually allergic to babies.

Gumball then discovers that his parents planned to start a family with himthe only son, which explains why he was always the center of attention from birth. He decides not to say thishis friends, as they would just think it would be cool, so he goes about his life normally. But after seeing how much his parents love having a child, he decides to give it a try too. So he and Penny go looking for someone to adopt them both. After many tries, they finally find someone named Justin who lives in Chicago. They travel there to meet up with him, but when they arrive he says he can't have both as he only has room for one. So Gumball lets Justin choosewhichHe wants him to accept it, but instead of letting him make the choice, he makes it for him by KOing Penny.

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Gumball then moves in with Justin while Penny stays in Los Angeles.

How did Penny get rid of Fitzgerald Gumball?

Gumball was released from the entity after a long cycle of envy was passed from person to person. When Carrie slaps Gumball in the arm, Penny is overcome with jealousy. She becomes so jealous of Carrie's relationship with Gumball that she destroys it by throwing him into a time portal that sends him 20 years into the past.

after you left20 years, Gumball returns to find that everyone he knew has died. Not only that, but society as we know it has changed drastically over timeyour absence. Today, for example, computers are used instead of typewriters,cell phonesLandline phones have been replaced and there are no more horse-drawn carts in the streets. Gumball realizes that this future world is not the one he wants to live inyour timePortal ability to go back in time to change what happened.

Before his first birthday, he travels back in time and replaces all the presents under the Christmas tree with ones that make his parents think he gets nicer things than he actually is. He then leaves the house without telling anyone where he is going or why.

Later that year, Penny throws away all of Gumball's old toys because she thinks they're stupid. This makes Gumball mad at her because he thinks she's ignoring how much he enjoys playing with her.your toy.

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